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    Brace yourselves...

    Dove, Sable, Dusk, Sun, Wild, Finch, Bloom, Magic, Morning, Tulip, Silk, Day, Spring, Owl, Fire, Bliss, Unity, Bell, Song, Poem, Mayapple, Beauty, Calme, Persimmon, Infinity, Nettle, Orchard, Beam, Season, Wicker, Mars, Spruce, July, March, Berry, Sunflower, Wave, Whisper, Lemon, Universe, Garden, Camellia, Cheer, Domino, Euphoria, Beat, Nightingale, Road, Evening, Fielder, Swift, Velvet, Novel, Avenue, Rainbow, October, Clemency, Nest, Sixteen, Mountain, Howl, Sainte, Wreath, Marble, Waterlily, Alder, Rustle, Sigh, Wing, Rosebud, Sea, Romance, Garland, Bless, Shadow, Island, Sonnet, Leaf, Sunlight, Bough, Chariot, Life, Radiance, Cosmos, Voice, Splendour, Moss, Horizon, Glade, Cress, Amaranth, Candle, Marvel, Royal, Pocket

    If you're looking for word names marginamia is the absolute go to. Rimbaud's poetry is also a word goldmine

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    I like Evening, Garland, Wicker, and Marvel. My husband would love Marvel... he's such a geek.
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    Trying for #2 in January 2014.

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    Marvel is awesome!

    Lys is pronounced li in french and ly:s (a long y)

    Lykke is pronounced ly:keh (the long y again)

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    Here are a few English words:

    Andorra(Ok this one's a place), Lantern, Chiffon, Talbot, Hibiscus, Allure, Glisten, Fedora, Copper, Shade, Valley, Flame, Honeysuckle, Violin, Floral, Whimsy, Almond, Mistletoe, Jewel, Chandelier, Braid, Gypsy, Platinum, Silk, Chapter, Gingham, Secret, Plural, Treacle, Bramley, Frost, Damson, Crescent, Wisdom, Surrender, Nirvana, Ellipsis, Swift, Camomile, Aloe-Vera, Christmas.

    Some pretty welsh words:

    Afon (AH-von, River), Melyn (Mel-in, Yellow), Aderyn (Ah-DER-in, Bird), Celyn (Kel-IN, Holly), Ionawr (Yon-ahwr, January), Eirin (Ey-rin, Plum), Telyn (Tell-In, Harp) Arian (Ahr-yan. money)
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