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    I really think its pretty, but I would spell it Britton, to avoid the spelling of the country.
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    Hmmm.. I'm not sure how I feel about Britain. I went to college with a girl named Briton, and it totally worked on her. She usually just went by Briton or Brit. I would use the Briton or Britton spelling if you use the name, rather than the country name spelling.
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    As a British person it makes me laugh when I here someone from America or somewhere else with a daughter called Britton. I prefer the Britton spelling to Britain though.

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    I would go with Britt if that is what you like and not try to come up with a longer name to make it work. I would then pick a very feminine middle name.

    Britt Caroline, Britt Elinor, Britt Victoria, Britt Arabelle, Britt Genevieve, Britt Anastasia, Britt Rosalie
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    I've liked the name Britain for a while, but because I live Britain, it would never work for me. If you really like it, then go for it. I've heard names that are far more out there (even some of my top names I look at and think "I'm a bit mad!")

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