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    Soon you find you are pregnant again! You are overjoyed because you love big families. You secretly hope for a girl, but you find out you are pregnant with a boy. Soon you give birth to a healthy little baby... Surprise! It is a girl!

    You name her: Aster Janessa

    Your adopted child is 7, your first daughter is 5, your twins are 2, and your daughter is 11 months.

    You leave your five kids with your wonderful sister and travel to France with your husband.

    When you get back you find out you are pregnant again. Nine months later, you give birth to a beautiful baby girl.

    Her Name: Salome Briana

    Two years pass. Write down all of your kids - Ellie, Arlo, Luna, Rivo, Aster and Salome.

    You give birth to another baby boy - Isaac Otto.

    Your husband really wants more kids but you say 7 is enough. You try to quiet him down , so you a dog - a Bassett Hound called Honey.

    A year has passed, and now your youngest will be going to preschool this soon. You ache for a baby, so you and your husband decide to have another one. You hope it is a boy to even the genders out, but you just want a healthy baby. You become pregnant and in nine months a little baby boy is born - Elisha Henry.

    Ellie, Arlo, Luna, Rivo, Aster, Salome, Isaac and Elisha.
    Isaac, Asher, Marcus, Nathan, Ezra, Josiah, Matthew, Thomas, Noah, Bodhi, Arlo, Atticus, Dillon, Viggo
    January, Aster, Ianthe, Story, Luna, Engla, Mairi, Nola, Winter, Olive, Violet, Rhiannon, Astoria, Autumn, Victoria, Elena, Eilidh, Etta, Eva, Jani, Coraline, Lilian

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