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    I recently came across a boy named Haven and a girl named Eowen (not siblings)

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Erm, not a ton, and yet, at the same time, I feel like I know more people with unusual names than normal/popular/trendy/dated ones. Erm, these are the ones off the top of my head:

    Elora and Clark (siblings)
    Ivelisse (went by Ivy, which is said like Evie)
    Chloe (not unusual now, but it was almost out of the top 500 when she was born)
    Josephine "Josie" (popular on Nameberry, but she's the only one I know)
    Michael-Kellan (Michael's not that unusual, but I think Michael-Kellan is an intriguing double-barrel!)
    Mary-Grace (she was just the sweetest, I have really grown to like Mary-Grace since I met her!)
    Jordana and Sebastian (siblings)
    Jacqueline, Judith, and Joanna (sisters--all in their early 20s/late teens, which strikes me as odd. I would expect a Judith to be in her 70s, not 21!)
    Brenna (surprisingly, I know quite a few of these, and it seems quite unusual to me...)
    Sarai (said like SAIR-ee, though, as opposed to sah-RYE)
    Ady (said like Addie. A boy, which really confuses me, Addie/Ady strikes me as very feminine! I don't think it was short for anything like Adrian, either...)
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    My sister has an awesome sibset: Jethro, Hazel, ETHNE, Talmage and Orrin. Hazel is way trendy but I've never seen another Ethne, Jethro, or Orrin.

    There is a lady in my church who has a son named Samurye--pronounced Samurai. I think it is awful, but of course, they didn't consult me.

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    I forgot, my other sister has 6 kids but only 2 of her names are unusual: Devaney (girl) and Lynnaea (girl).

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    I recently met a little girl named Parke, probably one of the strangest I've come across.
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