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Thread: Footloose Names

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    Cool Footloose Names

    We were recently watching Footloose and I thought, "Wow. What an interesting bunch of names in here." Some that caught my attention:

    Ren McCormack - I think both would actually work as a modern-day name for a boy. I love Ren for a boy, but I think Wren is often pigeonholed for only girls.

    Willard Hewitt - Again, I can see both of these working as a first name for a boy. Although, I MUCH prefer Truett over Hewitt. I think Willard is a great way to get to the always cool and handsome Will.

    Ariel - I just like this for a girl. Maybe it's because I grew up with Little Mermaid and it was one of my favorite movies.

    Shaw - Ariel's dad's name. I like this name; it's really growing on me. It's easy to pronounce, unique, and soft yet cool.

    Rusty - This intrigues me because it's on a GIRL. It seems like such a masculine name to me, but I have to admit that I'm a fan of more generally masculine names on girls (Blake, Blair, Avery, Colby, Cody, Rian, etc.)

    Coach Dunbar - I've only heard of one guy named Dunbar and I initially thought it was really out there. However, it's growing on me.
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