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    Name for Baby sister due in Januray, looking for feedback on the perfect pair. Thanks

    Baby sister is due in January and I am still looking for a name. Big sister's name means beautiful princess. What should little sister's be? So far here are some names and combos that I like. They are in no particular order.
    1. Savita - sun
    2. Felixa - happy, lucky
    3. Harriett - home ruler
    4. Louise - renowned warrior
    5. Olwyn - white footprints
    6. Esha - desire, wish
    7. Ourania - heavenly
    8. Tesni - warmth from the sun
    9. Ethyl - noble
    10. Kalila- beloved

    Combos; Kalila Louise (beloved warrior with the nick name Lilu), Savita Jane (sun, God is gracious), Felixa Harriett (happy ruler), Ourania Daisy (heavenly dark eyes), Kumiko Susan (long time beautful child, lilly/lotus), Esha Arlene (desire, wish), Imogene Leonie (beloved child lion), Felixa Susan (Happy lilly), Felixa Louise (Happy warrior)
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    Imogene Lionie -- This is my favorite from the list. I think it is lovely, though I might prefer the Leonie spelling as I tend to read it as "lion-y" otherwise.

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    Going by the description "beautiful princess" I'm assuming your daughters name is something similar to Bella Sarai.

    I think I like Savita Jane and Imogen Leonie best (Imogene Lionie - I always feel like the extra -e in Imogene is unnecessary and slightly odd and I agree with pp that Lionie looks like Lion and I'd prn it Lion-e)
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    Savita Jane and Imogene Leonie are also my favorites. Sound beautiful, with beautiful meanings.

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    I love Tesni, Ourania and Louise (on my list!).

    Ourania Daisy is my favourite of your combos. Gorgeous! Kalila Louise is beautiful too.

    I think Tesni Louise, Tesni Ourania, Louise Olwyn and Olwyn Kalila would be beautiful.

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