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    I do the normal movie credit thing but yesterday while trying to prove something to a family member I found a Thos in the immigration records from 1920 something. I don't know if it's a misprint or an abbreviation of Thomas (my family abbreviates Robert as Robt occasionally) or what.

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    I found another good place today...Instagram!

    Children's fashion accounts sometimes post the names. Today I found a picture of sisters named Ira and...Serafima. I died.
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    The wikipedia ancestry thingy is glorious (mainly when you look at pages of royals).
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    -Today, I got my yearbook, and my mother had to listen to me flip the pages and groan about a MyKenzie and T'Ler while occasionally gushing over Imogen and Freya.

    -I'm really happy when someone who sits in front of me has a shirt that is from a large event that lists names (i.e. sports teams, graduations). Instead of learning about parabolas, I found an Aquilaney and a Naia. On the same shirt.

    -Video game credits are always enjoyable, especially ones that are made in other countries (mainly from Japan) and translated before being shipped over seas. I think the first time my Pokémon Emerald credits played I was watching for names- I remember being intrigued by Satoshi and Kentaro and many common Japanese names.

    -Facebook. Best. Name. Source. Ever. It's so much fun to look at friends' friends' names.

    I look at everything. Rosters, programs, movie credits and employee name tags. Basically, I do it without thinking. I guess there are worse things to be obsessed with.
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    obituaries have a lot of interesting names. Especially since they usually mention the parents of the deceased. If the obit is for someone who died in their 80's the parent's names could be 100+ years old.

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