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    I made it a few pages in and I see I do a lot of the same... one of the "more different" places I like to looks are on less mainstream retails websites (bridal websites etc.)... names of dresses, glasses etc.

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    Probably not strange as such, but probably a bit inappropriate - tonight I was snooping around the house of a little girl I was babysitting and reading through her parent's list of names for their second child. They had borrowed one of Pam and Linda's books from the library, I noticed!

    If it was your list I was snooping around (sorry!), I liked Aasta, Phillipa, Esme, Thora and Sorcha best for girls, and Ezra, Rafferty, Taite and Farley best for a boy.
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    I spend most of school assemblys reading the list of past prefects, and duxs.

    Interesting names there... one of my favs Beatrix was found on there.

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    Usually my Liberal Arts classes gave me a lot of interesting names.

    Art History gave me plenty, such as Rosalba.
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    I used to love going to cemeteries and reading the names as a child. A little morbid maybe but I didn't think twice about it! Also obituaries, movie credits, donation plaques, theatre programs, books, botanical information/gardening catalogs, dictionaries (foreign and English), history books, maps, census/family history, etc.

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