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    My favorite places to look for new names are cemeteries, census records, marriage records, deeds, and wills - the older, the better. One of the most rewarding aspects of genealogy for me is the discovery of so many intriguing, dashing, elaborate, and/or long-forgotten names.

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    My mother used to sub a lot and then actually became a teacher at my highschool. So after classes were over and she was finishing up grades and whatnot, I would look through the attendance sheets to find out my classmates' middle names. I found a few names I like this way, and loved to compare the kids who shared a first name. (We were a lot of Andrews, Kyles, Amys, Amandas and Sarah's).
    And of course I silently judged their parents for naming style, sound, rhythm, and alliteration... =]

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    Quote Originally Posted by gwen5 View Post
    I look at movie credits a lot, as well as listen to the names on my husband's video games. There are some strange ones let me tell you!
    Haha! Thought I was the only one! Actually, the only names my husband will consent to like are from video games! There are actually a few with potential among all those strange ones!

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    Cemeteries, Video Games and Literature for me.
    Gia Michaela, 22 and obsessed with names

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    The crime blotter and obituaries

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