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    Question What Names Would You Like to See Cross Over?

    Many of you may not agree with boy names crossing over to the girls' side and vice-versa, but not all of them can be bad.

    I remember expressing that I thought Sebastienne was kind of interesting. And I recently posted something about the girl name, "Hero". It's cute for either gender to me.
    Now I'm running into the name "Felix" for a girl. After watching the most recent season of Gordon Ramsay's "Master Chef", I saw that a female contestant has this name!

    Suddenly, I'm thinking Felix wouldn't be so bad on a girl. Maybe I'm just crazy.

    And not all of these "feminizations" of once traditionally-masculine names are so nice. For example, I don't favor Felicia to Felix. I don't like the way it looks or sounds. So once the time came that I had to choose the name for a baby girl and I felt "Felix" fit - maybe I'd use it!

    For any Berry (expectant or name-dreaming): What names would you like to see cross over? Are there names you're considering naming your (future) child that isn't traditionally a boy's or girl's name? Share please I'd also be interested in your reasoning behind the decision.

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    I am a fan of unisex/boys names on girls....

    I love Marley, Bailey Oakley, and Jessie which can be used as girls names but i prefer them on boys.
    For girls I like Hadley, Finley, and Saxon...

    To me these names just seem to 'fit' those genders and although I know female Bailey's and male Finley's I see them as opposite.
    15 year old namelover from downunder...
    Little Ladies: Anouk, Hero, Clio, Rory, Scout & Sailor
    Handsome Guys: Atticus, Levi, Noah, Jasper & Jesse

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    I just generally dislike names which "cross over".. Kind of the reason why I dislike unisex names. The only exception is Blair for a girl.

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    I quite like more "feminine" names on boys, so on our list for Baby we've got:

    Zooey, Meredith, Marion, Darcy, Innes, Jules, Quinn and Robin. Most of these are of course really male names. Zooey is from J. D. Salinger's novel Franny & Zooey, and he's one of my favourite characters of all time. I think Zooey would be adoreable on a boy.

    For girl I've got Indigo, Domino and Mio. And I'm starting to like Jasper...

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    I have a secret crush on the name Kelly for a boy.
    I know that originally it was a boy name... and it always sounded like a name one of Cary Grant's male contemporaries would be named.

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