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    i had no idea just wanted to read through this thread as i find this topic interesting and from what others have said i am going to second!

    I can SO see Felix on a girl! i think its cute!

    Percy! omg!!!! i actually LOVE this suggestion! Posy is too ring a ring a rosy a pocket full posy for me and just too cutesy but Percy is PERFECT!! I actually think this one you could get away with easily as Percy is no longer very popular for boys (i dont think, i've never met a Percy in my life apart from on thomas the tank engine) and to me is sounds soft and gentle! i love it! i'm gonna play with combos now.... hehe

    Jasper i dont know why but i can also see this on a girl pretty easily. reminds me of words like 'whisper' and 'jasmine'

    i'm not usually a cross over girl though i dont actually mind when names are crossed over and some sound really good but Percy is one i am really really liking right now! i will probably have to sleep on it in case this is crazy hormones lol!
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    @cookiesnatcher: Yep, you're not! The Jane Austen connection makes me totally dislike it for a boy, lol . I actually am considering adding it to my name-list, I'm starting to like it that much


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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    I don't necessarily want to see any name change over (although I would LOVE to have Bailey and Avery seen as more masculine!), but I do think Brady would be adorable for a girl! I don't want it to change over, because I know what it feels like to have a unisex name, and I hate it (I love my name, just hate that it's unisex), and I wouldn't want to put my daughter through that. Or anyone else's daughter. But it is a huge GP for me.

    ETA: All this Mackenzie talk has me thinking--how usable is Mackenzie on a boy? Up until this Saturday, I have known/met five boys named Mackenzies, and no female Mackenzies. This Saturday, I met the new baby girl in my church (yes, Mackenzie! ). It seems like everyone else knows only girl Mackenzies, but for the longest time, I've only known boy Mackenzies (which, I not-so-secretly am pretty psyched about...).
    Bailey and Avery are the two "unisex" names that I'd like to see more on boys as well -- Especially Avery.
    I remember I thought that was the perfect name for a boy when I was 16 years old (I'm 20 now)... but then I heard it on all these newborn baby girls.. Not to mention, I realized there's a brand of shipping labels called, "Avery".

    So I've tossed it for now.
    Who knows how I'll feel when I cross the baby-naming bridge, though!

    As for the case of "Mackenzie", I think it's very usable! "Mack" or "Mac" goes along well with the big "Surname-name" and "Cool Irish/Scottish/Gaelic" trends. People who are fond of those kinds of names may find Mackenzie to be an attractive choice!
    It's long enough and even though it ends with an "-ie", that's probably what gives it energy: the "ee" sound that stretches it out. What may make it most attractive and masculine-sounding is the rhythm in which a person pronounces "Mackenzie".

    On another note, I feel like children will like the "Zach"-like nn of "Mac(k)". It could be the new "Zach" for all we know. Time will only tell.

    I agree with other posters who've expressed Austen is cool for a girl! If you don't know who Jane Austen is, I wouldn't be surprised if you thought it absurd.

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    Percy has always been one of my favorite names for a girl, but my entire family considers it unusable on any gender due to the horrible character by that name in The Green Mile.

    I also love Rowan on a girl, but strongly dislike it on a boy. I believe those are the only unisex names I actually like on a girl (although I do love feminizations such as Harriet, Josephine, and Georgina). I love the idea of giving a girl a male middle name, like William or James.

    As for the boys, I wish some of the "softer" names were socially accepted these days. Years ago no one would have batted an eye at a male Evelyn or Meredith, but now it's virtually unheard of. I have always much preferred Evelyn on a boy, and I really, really want to use it.

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    I LOVE Mckenzie, Madison, Ashley & Cleo for a guy. I also love Winslow, Ferris & Ansel for a girl. For me it's more about the way the name sounds than what gender it's connected to.
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