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Thread: Xanthe

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    What do you think of Xanthe? How is it pronounced? I first read it as zan-thee, but I may be wrong. I think Xanthe is gorgeous though! Sorry if this post is so short.
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    I think Xanthe is really lovely. I would pronounce it that way as well. I would imagine some people having a hard time with the PRN, but I would think they would get it with time. With Penelope and Phoebe getting more popular along with Chloe and Zoe, the e will probably be less of a problem than it used to be.

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    I think Xanthe is beautiful, however it could be a little too out there (at least I think so). I would pronounce it that way as well, and I think the sound is gorgeous- very light and exotic.
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    I'm not crazy about the "thee" sound... the xan part is lovely. When I read it I always think "xanth," I wonder how many other people would make that mistake in pronunciation.

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    I read it as 'ZAN-th'. but I may be wrong! I think its very pretty, but not sure I would have the guts to use it!

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