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  • Blaire

    30 38.96%
  • Paige

    23 29.87%
  • Gwen

    24 31.17%
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    Well, coming from someone named Blaire... I love my name and I've never felt less girly because of it. I also have never gotten any remarks about being snobby/rude. People's images of names change when they actually meet a person with the name. I've always gotten compliments on my name. Paige and Gwen are nice names, but I meet a lot of Paige's and a few Gwen's. I've never met another person named Blaire. Not once. So, you can take that into consideration.
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    1) Paige - my favorite for the sib-set.

    2) Blaire
    3) Gwen - I prefer the long form of Gwendolyn/Gwendolen or Guinevere nn Gwen - Gwendolyn/Gwendolen would get second place.
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    Blaire is my favorite with Sloane. It actually strikes me as perfectly feminine and refined on a girl.
    Paige is a close second.

    For some reason Sloane & Gwen don't match as well for me.

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    My vote is for Blaire! It's a gorgeous name. It makes me think a beautiful and smart woman. I agree with rowan sometimes your perception of a name changes when you meet someone with that name. There is a girl on YouTube called juicystar07. She's really cute and confident. I think if you watch a video of her's it may give you an idea of the name on a person.

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    Blaire for sure! Of course you like your daughter's name more now than when you chose it -- now it's the name of your little girl. Soon it will be that way with another name.

    If you check out my siggy, you'll see that I adore 1-syllable names. I would warn against picking a longer name to shorten to Gwen because it might not work out that way. My Katharine was suppose to be Kate but it didn't work out that way and most of the family calls her by her full name (or Kat.)
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