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    Wow, 14 Kids! NSRN CAF with Quad Girls

    I said I was looking to do more multiples, so this is my first one with quads! I'm also planning on making games with extended or blended families in the future.

    DW: Kalama, Breigh, Nova, Lydia, Vogue
    DH: Parley, Tiberius, Hendrix, Winston, Lincoln
    DS1: Phelan, Rory, Spike, Luciano, Forest
    DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4 (Quadruplets): Elsie, Rose, Eliana, Damia, Finn/Rosalie, River, Edwina, Vera, Riley/Rosalyn, Áine, Margot, Aviana, Madelyn /Raelynn, Jenevieve, James, Serena, Kyleigh
    DS2: Karson, Rowan, Lynx, Viggo, Cooper
    DD4: Winifred, Natalie, Samantha, Ariadne, Clemency
    DS3/DD5 (Twins): Noah, Chance, Colt, Fox, Kylan /Neviah, Callie, June, Nilla, Aurora
    DS4: Azaiah, Wilder, Owen, Author, Peter
    DS5: Walker, Weston, Uriah, Allan, Moore
    DD6: Canada, Zoey, Alcie, Clara, Ada
    DD7: Evangeline, Aria, Cal, Ashlee, Harriet
    DD8: Sula, Mia, Magenta, Ella, Tocarra
    I like WAY too many names to list, but here are some of them:
    Kennedy Emerson Eliot Sasha Jaxon Braxton Jase Alva Fox Asa Carbry Zia
    Anderson Dara
    Nova Briar Michaela Montserrat Cadence Harriet Phoenix Logan Star Justine Faith
    If you would like to vote again, here's my list: (Last Update: January 17th, 2017)

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    DW: Nova Breigh
    DH: Lincoln Tiberius

    DS1: Rory Forest
    DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4 (Quadruplets): Elsie Rose & Vera Riley & Madelyn Aviana & Serena Kyleigh
    DS2: Cooper Karson
    DD4: Samantha Ariadne
    DS3/DD5 (Twins): Colt Fox & Callie June
    DS4: Owen Peter
    DS5: Weston Walker
    DD6: Zoey Clara
    DD7: Evangeline Aria
    DD8: Ella Magenta

    Nova & Lincoln with Rory, Elise, Vera, Maddie, Serena, Cooper, Sam, Colt, Callie, Owen, West, Zoey, Angie, and Ella
    Christine Keira - Evangeline Briar - Lula Daisy - Maisie Bear - Adelaide Echo
    Juniper Solstice - Felicity Iris - Rose Penelope - Aubrey Cerys - Lyla Winter

    Nico Henley - River Jackson - Everett Madden - Lincoln Perseus - Emerson Cove
    Arthur Owen - Clyde Henry - Mason Blake - Theodore Kingston - August Reuel

    Cassian - Bryce - Vincent - Harrison - Jonas / Sophie - Marnie - Etta - Carter - Poppy

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    DH: Winston Lincoln Eastnor.
    DW: Lydia Nova Eastnor (Lacock).
    - DS: Forest Phelan Eastnor.
    - DD/DD/DD/DD: Elsie Rose Eastnor, Vera Rosalie Eastnor, Madelyn Margot Eastnor, & Serena James Eastnor.
    - DS: Rowan Cooper Eastnor.
    - DD: Samantha Ariadne Eastnor.
    - DS/DD: Noah Chance Eastnor & Aurora June Eastnor.
    - DS: Owen Peter Eastnor.
    - DS: Weston Allan Eastnor.
    - DD: Zoey Clara Eastnor.
    - DD: Ashlee Evangeline Eastnor.
    - DD: Ella Mia Eastnor.

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    DW: Lydia Breigh
    DH: Lincoln Tiberius

    DS1: Forest Luciano
    DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4 (Quadruplets): Eliana Rose / River Riley / Madelyn Aviana / Serena James
    DS2: Rowan Cooper
    DD4: Samantha Natalie
    DS3/DD5 (Twins): Noah Fox / Callie June
    DS4: Peter Owen
    DS5: Walker Allan
    DD6: Zoey Clara
    DD7: Ashlee Aria
    DD8: Mia Tocarra
    *~~Savanna Marie, Aria Kathleen, Scarlett Ann, Genevieve Leigh, Emery Lucille~~*

    *~~Zachary James, Nicholas Robert, Theodore John, Daniel Joshua, Benjamin Oliver~~*

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