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    Wow, 14 Kids! NSRN CAF with Quad Girls

    I said I was looking to do more multiples, so this is my first one with quads! I'm also planning on making games with extended or blended families in the future.

    DW: Kalama, Breigh, Nova, Lydia, Vogue
    DH: Parley, Tiberius, Hendrix, Winston, Lincoln
    DS1: Phelan, Rory, Spike, Luciano, Forest
    DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4 (Quadruplets): Elsie, Rose, Eliana, Damia, Finn/Rosalie, River, Edwina, Vera, Riley/Rosalyn, Áine, Margot, Aviana, Madelyn /Raelynn, Jenevieve, James, Serena, Kyleigh
    DS2: Karson, Rowan, Lynx, Viggo, Cooper
    DD4: Winifred, Natalie, Samantha, Ariadne, Clemency
    DS3/DD5 (Twins): Noah, Chance, Colt, Fox, Kylan /Neviah, Callie, June, Nilla, Aurora
    DS4: Azaiah, Wilder, Owen, Author, Peter
    DS5: Walker, Weston, Uriah, Allan, Moore
    DD6: Canada, Zoey, Alcie, Clara, Ada
    DD7: Evangeline, Aria, Cal, Ashlee, Harriet
    DD8: Sula, Mia, Magenta, Ella, Tocarra

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    DW: Nova Breigh
    DH: Lincoln Tiberius

    DS1: Rory Forest
    DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4 (Quadruplets): Elsie Rose & Vera Riley & Madelyn Aviana & Serena Kyleigh
    DS2: Cooper Karson
    DD4: Samantha Ariadne
    DS3/DD5 (Twins): Colt Fox & Callie June
    DS4: Owen Peter
    DS5: Weston Walker
    DD6: Zoey Clara
    DD7: Evangeline Aria
    DD8: Ella Magenta

    Nova & Lincoln with Rory, Elise, Vera, Maddie, Serena, Cooper, Sam, Colt, Callie, Owen, West, Zoey, Angie, and Ella
    Christine Keira - Evangeline Briar - Aubrey Damaris - Maisie Bear - Adelaide Echo
    Juniper Solstice - Felicity Iris - Vesper Elemmírë - Emmeline Rose - Lyla Winter

    Nico Alexander - River Jackson - Westley Atticus - Lincoln Perseus - Emerson Cove
    Arthur Owen - Mason Blake - Everett Madden - Theodore Kingston - August Reuel

    Victor - Erasmus - Shai - Fyodor - Jonas / Lily - Kallan - Celestine - Astoria - Anwen

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    DH: Winston Lincoln Eastnor.
    DW: Lydia Nova Eastnor (Lacock).
    - DS: Forest Phelan Eastnor.
    - DD/DD/DD/DD: Elsie Rose Eastnor, Vera Rosalie Eastnor, Madelyn Margot Eastnor, & Serena James Eastnor.
    - DS: Rowan Cooper Eastnor.
    - DD: Samantha Ariadne Eastnor.
    - DS/DD: Noah Chance Eastnor & Aurora June Eastnor.
    - DS: Owen Peter Eastnor.
    - DS: Weston Allan Eastnor.
    - DD: Zoey Clara Eastnor.
    - DD: Ashlee Evangeline Eastnor.
    - DD: Ella Mia Eastnor.

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    DW: Lydia Breigh
    DH: Lincoln Tiberius

    DS1: Forest Luciano
    DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4 (Quadruplets): Eliana Rose / River Riley / Madelyn Aviana / Serena James
    DS2: Rowan Cooper
    DD4: Samantha Natalie
    DS3/DD5 (Twins): Noah Fox / Callie June
    DS4: Peter Owen
    DS5: Walker Allan
    DD6: Zoey Clara
    DD7: Ashlee Aria
    DD8: Mia Tocarra
    *~~Savanna Marie, Aria Kathleen, Scarlett Ann, Genevieve Leigh, Emery Lucille~~*

    *~~Zachary James, Nicholas Robert, Theodore John, Daniel Joshua, Benjamin Oliver~~*

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