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    Agnes (nn Aggie): I love the GN sound. People say it's "ugly-beautiful" I think it's just beautiful.

    Aoife (prn. ee-fa): I'm a sucker for complicated Gaelic spellings. I like the look of this name more than its sound, but it's very pretty.

    Ballou: I think balloon. I know an artist named Vallou. She's covered in tattoos and plays the harp.

    Bijou: I kind of love this. Not sure how the French feel about this one? I think it's a great alternative to Jewel, Ruby, Pearl, etc.

    Billie: Love. Especially if she has a strong middle name.

    Circe: Leaves me cold.

    Dagny: Love. Especially love Dagmar, but I think of it as a guilty pleasure and I dislike the Ayn Rand assoc.

    Elke/Elka: Yes. Especially Elke.

    Franca/Franka: Prefer it with a C. If you have an Italian accent, it's magical, otherwise, it falls flat IMO.

    Frida/Frieda: Love Frida. Love the namesake. I know a Frida and she wears it so well. Strong, elegant, simple. "Free" is a nice nn.

    Lilou: Sweet, kind of sexy a la Lola, but not as strong as some of your others.

    Loie: Very cool if you're a fan of Ms Fuller, or if you're into the symbolism of "the eye." If you just like the sound, I think it's a little random.

    Maeve: I'm mad for Maeve! So dramatic and fiery.

    Minerva: I prefer Athena. Dislike Minnie.

    Pearl: I see the appeal, and I can objectively recognize its beauty. Personally I find it too tame. Also associate it with The Scarlet Letter.

    Suki/Sukey: I love this (only the Suki spelling.) I know a Susannah nn Suki, who only uses her nn. It's bright and sharp, also slightly Japanese-inflected, though it's a traditional English nn.

    Sunday(Sunny): Well, Sunday IS such a nice, restful day... But the sound of this name doesn't thrill me. Sunny I dislike.

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    My favorites: Circe, Lilou, Sunday, Pearl

    I like a lot: Maeve, Agnes, Sukey, Minerva

    Like, but not for me: Frida, Franca, Elka, Aofie, Billie, Loie

    Dislike: Dagny, Bijou, Ballou

    Dagny just isn't attractive to me. Bijou is a little too attractive if you catch my drift. Ballou has an unpleasant sound and reminds me of Baloo from The Jungle Book.

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    I love Sunday best (not so much the nn Sunny, though).

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    I LOVE Maeve and Minerva. Pearl is growing on me.

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    I think I want to like Dagny more than I actually like it. I see what you guys are saying about Bijou being kind of... trampy? And I think I'm over Circe and probably Aoife.

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