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    I don't like the name Harrison much either! My parents thinks it's weird do they want my hubby and I to compromise to Harry but the name doesn't have the same feel at all. Plus it's our choice not theirs
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    Harris is lovely. I like Lewis too, why do you think it is odd with Harris?

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    Harris is an awesome name, great job with baby number one And I just love Alice.

    For another boy, Walter would be great, but if you want to honor someone different, I would go with Bauer if you end up using a family name. Forrest doesn't complement Harris well and Lewis ends the same way.

    If you don't go with a family name, I love Graham, Grant, and Griffin from your list. I think I like Harris and Griffin best, but all three of the 'G' names go amazing with Harris. I like Harris and Jensen too, if you're up for a suggestion.

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    I love Harris too! It's up there on our list for our next baby due in March if it's a boy. I think Harris would go well with our son, Archer Cole. I also love Griffin & would use that if a friend of mine hadn't used that already. That's my favorite from your list. Good luck!

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    I really love Sayer! Also love Walter, Clark, Grant, Lewis, and Xander.

    I don't think Lewis is any worse with Harris than Alice is. They all have -iss ending. If you ended up having three, Harris, Lewis, and Alice, that would be super cute, IMO.
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