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    Question A brother for Harris...

    We're currently TTC our second child. Name dreaming keeps me sane! Our 2-yr old son's name is Harris. It's a family name that we had picked out years before we were TTC the first time around and it's just a perfect fit. It's been tough finding a boy name we love nearly as much. The girl name is 99.9% set...Alice, another family name.

    My fav boy pic is Sayer, but hubby only likes it as a middle. I try to stay away from anything too popular, like surnames and names with meaning.

    Other family name choices:
    Walter (but honors the same person as Harris' middle name)
    Lewis (is this odd with Harris?)

    Not family names but I like:
    Clark (is this too "Lewis & Clark" with Harris?)


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    I like Jameson with Harris.

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    I like Grant or Graham.

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    I don't have a name suggestion but I just wanted to say how much I love the name Harris! It's the name we have picked out if this baby is a boy and we get really weird looks from anyone we have mentioned it to. I'm so happy to hear that it's been used as a first name and I'm not crazy for wanting to use it
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    Hi there! Happy to "meet" another (potential) Harris mom! We love the name and feel that it fits our sweet, spunky little man perfectly! I do sometimes get frustrated (particularly at work) with people who hear HarrisON no matter how many times I say HARRIS. It's worth it, though...and for what it's worth, I MUCH prefer Harris to Harrison or Harry.

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