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    Apr 2012

    Fox * Rohan * Jade * Shea * Blaise * Greer
    Lotus * Noor * Tallulah * Jasper * Linden * Arden

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    Jan 2013
    Brooklyn, NY
    DW: Athena Vincenza Bello
    DH: Tommaso King Bello

    Daughter #1: Winona Jade Bello
    Daughter #2: Ilaria Daisy Bello

    Family #2:

    DW: Georgette Honor Nolte
    DH: Mark Samuel Nolte

    SON #1: Lucas Camden Nolte
    TWIN BOY & GIRL: Kristopher Louis Nolte & Emilia Raya Nolte
    DAUGHTER #4: Portia Zara Nolte

    FAMILY #3:
    DW: Beth Rosalie Tillman
    DH: Francis Doherty Tillman

    DAUGHTER #1: Mara Helena Jean Tillman

    FAMILY #4:
    DW: Julia Whitney Paladino
    DH: Christian Gennaro Paladino

    SON #1: Spencer Mateo Lars Paladino
    SON #2: Fabian Kennedy Paladino
    DAUGHTER #3: Victoria Abigail Emmy Paladino
    DAUGHTER #4: Rosemary Lucia Paladino
    DAUGHTER #5: Deborah Janine Paladino
    SON #6: Nathan Leonardo Henry Paladino

    FAMILY #5:
    DW: Greer Susannah Carson
    DH: Wilfred Andrew Carson

    DAUGHTER #1: Millie Eleanor Carson
    DAUGHTER #2: Heidi Amabel Carson
    DAUGHTER #3: Bailey Nicole Carson
    SON #1: Kendall Breckin Carson
    SON #2: Finnian Thurgood Carson

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    Jan 2013
    DW: Amelia Violet Bennett
    DH: Thomas Kane Bennett
    DD1: Winter Jade Bennett
    DD2: Imogen Daisy Bennett


    DW: Genevieve Hailie Nolan
    DH: Marcus Saul Nolan
    DS1: Lucas Callum Nolan
    DS2/DD1: Kameron Liam Nolan & Esmè Rosalie Nolan
    DD2: Pixie Zara Nolan


    DW: Beth Rosalie Tomkins
    DH: Frederik Daniel Tomkins
    DD1: Madeline Hermione-Jae Tomkins


    DW: Jasmine Willow Penney
    DH: Carter George Penney
    DS1: Samuel Micah Leo Penney
    DS2: Finley Kenneth Penney
    DD1: Vannah Amy-Elsa Penney
    DD2: Rebekah Laurie Penney
    DD3: Daniela Juliet Penney
    DS3: Nathaniel Lamen Harry Penney


    DW: Grace Savannah Campbell
    DH: William Adam Campbell
    DD1: Matilda Eden Campbell
    DD2: Hannah Ava Campbell
    DD3: Bryony Noelle Campbell
    DS1: Kaleb Benjamin Campbell
    DS2: Felix Theodore Campbell

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    Feb 2011
    Writer, traveller, learner; name taste changing everyday!

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    Mar 2013
    DW: Aleah Victoria Brown "Leah"
    DH:Timothy Konnor Brown "Tim"

    Daughter #1: Wyllma Jay Brown
    Daughter #2: Isabelle Danika Brown "Belle"

    Family #2:

    DW:Gretchen Hannah Nelson
    DH:Michael Spencer Nelson "Mike"

    SON #1:Liam Chase Nelson
    TWIN BOY & GIRL:Kyle Lance Nelson & Erika Renee Nelson
    DAUGHTER #4:Paisleigh Zorah Nelson "Leigh"

    FAMILY #3:
    DW:Brianna Rachel Tomson "Bree"
    DH:Fredrick Daniel Tomson "Fred"

    DAUGHTER #1:Mariah Hannah-Joy Tomson "Riah"

    FAMILY #4:
    DW:Joshua Wesley Phillips "Josh"
    DH:Cassidy Gia Phillips

    SON #1:Samuel Matthew Layne Phillips "Matt"
    SON #2: Fredie Karl Phillips "Fred"
    DAUGHTER #3: Victoria-Anne Elexis Phillips "Toria"
    DAUGHTER #4: Ryliegh Laura Phillips
    DAUGHTER #5: Daniella Jayne Phillips "Dannie"
    SON #6: Nickolas Liam-Harold Phillips "Nick"

    FAMILY #5:
    DW:Gianna Stacy Chellete
    DH:Wayne Andrew Chellete

    DAUGHTER #1:Maegan Elaine Chellete
    DAUGHTER #2:Hannah Aaliyah Chellete
    DAUGHTER #3:Bella Nickole Chellete
    SON #1:Kenneth Bryce Chellete "Kenny"
    SON #2:Fletcher Thomas Chellete

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