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    Aya, Zora (short for zipporah) or Faye??

    I would like to name my future daughter after my grandmother who was very dear to me.
    Any of the above names would honor her name with their spelling and/or meaning.

    Middle name would be Pearl, Adele or Elinor depending on the first name.

    Please give your honest opinions!



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    My honest opinion is Aya. I think it is a perfect vowel name, very flowy and the A beginning will mean a lot as she reaches the school years. Aya Pearl would be perfect for a little girl/young lady. Zora seems a little bit harsh and Faye is too plain. My honest opinion. Best wishes to you and your little one!

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    I think Faye Elinor or Zora Pearl would be lovely. Aya is a little too short for me. Some people may think that it's Maya with the m chopped off.
    All the best,

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    Favorite is Zora Pearl. Love Zora. Zora Neale Hurston- great namesake too.
    I like Faye Elinor too, but it's a bit fairylike..
    Aya is so airy. Also there's the word ayah, meaning an Indian nanny hired by a European family (like in The Secret Garden)

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    Thanks for your feedback so far!! Aya is my favorite of the three. Another name I've thought about is Zia. Any thoughts on that one?

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