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    Is she a Gloria?

    I'm creating an eighteen year old character. The story takes place in the last few months of her senior year. For almost all of highschool (grade 10- a few weeks before christmas of senior year) she dated the same boy. He was older than her and they had a horrible relationship and fought all the time. Now she is with a "mr perfect" type. She is very stubborn and head strong. She likes things done her way and she enjoys conflict. She's always late for everything. She has a low attention span and gets bored with school easily. She has sandy brown hair. Average height, brown eyes.

    Could you see her being a Gloria? Or maybe a Dorothy or Paige? Or Lenora?

    And her current boyfriend I'm thinking Drew, Conner, Seth or Max. Opinions?
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    I would choose a more up to date name for the girl. Gloria/Dorothy sound a bit dated.
    Drew for the Mr Perfect boyfriend.

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    I went to school with a Gloria who would be 21 now, so I don't think that it sounds too dated for an 18-year-old character. I have a harder time picturing a Dorothy that age, just because I haven't personally encountered one. I think that either Gloria or Paige would fit the character described.

    I like Drew or Seth for the Mr. Perfect.

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    When I hear the name Gloria, I mainly have two associations:

    1) Gloria Estefan - maybe your protagonist has some Hispanic heritage?
    2) A Gloria I worked with a couple of years ago, who was my age (early 20s back then, but you have to consider that I'm not from an English-speaking country, which rules out direct comparisons; still, the name is rather uncommon here and would generally be considered dated, so I think it's equally unlikely to run into a 20-year-old Gloria here).

    So after all, I could definitely see her being a Gloria. Of the other names mentioned, I can only imagine Paige to work. As for the Mr. Perfect boyfriend, I'd go with Drew.
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