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    I think there's a difference between exotic, unique, and absurd.

    Some of those names (Hezabia, Najair) strike me as ethnic.
    Some (Jamesia, Antinique) don't seem all that terrible to me. I don't know that I've ever known a Jamesia, but it seems as good a feminization of James as any other, and Antinique doesn't seem that far away from Antonia or Monique. I tend to be a traditionalist, so I don't think I'd pick them, but they wouldn't even hit my top 50 of bad names.

    For some reason, a name like Ja'Vontae or Shan'Teara doesn't irk me as much as something like Twinkle (really? I try so hard to keep an open mind about word names, but Twinkle? I don't know if the first thing that came to mind was a nursery rhyme or something you do in the toilet.)

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    Look I'm all for having opinions about names and even disliking or hating a name personally. But when we start insulting the names parents pick for their kids just because we don't like them and saying that they don't deserve to have kids we cross the lines. I'm sure people hate some of the names me or you like, and I've heard some names that I think are terrible, but unless the parent ia going to name their child Hitler or Lucifer or Couch or something ridiculous like that, it's not okay to tell someone what they should or shouldn't name THEIR kid.

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    My cousin went to school with a girl named Kowabunga and a boy named Jaranamo, and they were twins!!!
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