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    Juniper-Arabella Yolande "Juno" (I love my siblings but they inadvertently made that so hard! haha)
    Serafina Maya "Fifi"
    Clementine Aoife "Clem"
    August Cassius

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    danni Guest

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    Baby 1:
    FN: The number of syllables will be the number of siblings you have.
    It must contain the first letter of your name

    MN: Do a simple search for your favourite nature name.
    Look at the variants list to choose the mn

    Cassiopeia Gardenia

    Baby 2:

    FN: The origin is the place you would most like to visit
    It must start with the first letter of your surname

    MN: Search for your middle name (if you don't have one use your first)
    Look at the variants list to choose the mn
    Winona Beth
    Baby 3:

    FN: The meaning is your favourite quality in a person
    The popularity is the popularity of your name

    MN: Search for your favourite name
    Look at the variants list to choose the nn

    Gabriel Raeburn
    Baby 4:

    Go onto
    Type in all your previous childrens names
    Choose baby 4's name from he generated list

    By the variant list it can be
    -international variations
    -names other people also searched for

    Susanna Grace
    You are also allowed to switch the firt and middle names around if you like. Have Fun!

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