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    Weight gain is hard for girls who are used to being small, I try to make myself remember that it's all belly and then just stay active and eat healthy. If it makes you feel any better, I've had to go totally national geographic " down there" because of all the swelling and vericose veins ( nope, they aren't just for legs evidently) and I'm terrified to shave or wax. Sometimes you just have to turn out the lights and go with it! My poor husband. But it all goes away after birth, and you'll be your sexy self again in no time.

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    Thanks everyone! I think I just have to learn to relax and not overthink it all. I tried to go nat geo, but caved and got waxed..
    as always every 3 weeks..the woman who does it hasn't even mentioned my pregnancy hana..I'll see I how big i get before she does!

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