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    What can Teddy be a nickname for?

    Other than Theodore? The thing is, I adore Teddy, but I only like Theodore. I wouldn't want to give my son a name I don't love simply for the nickname. Plus, I hate Theo. Any other suggestions?

    *Not pregnant, just looking at options.
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    The only other I can think of is Edward. I'm sure there are other names someone else can come up with, but Teddy is a legitimate nickname for Edward. And I see Edward is in your signature

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    Thing is, Teddy is so wrapped into the term Teddy Bear now that you might be able to get away with it with many different names. Like my son, he looks like Winnie the Pooh. Could I call him Teddy because of that? Sure! But I think that if you look for names with Ed in it, that's a good place to start too. Edmund is my favorite Ed- name. Others: Edison, Edgar, Edwin. Actually, I really like Edison too!
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    Edward is the only name I can think of (apart from Theodore).

    names related to Theodore: Feodor, Todor, Tudor, Dorin, Theirn.

    names related to Edward: Ewart.

    I'm sure you can get Teddy from Everard & Everett.

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    People use it as a nn for Frederick.

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