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    Popularity of names where you live!

    So I have been looking at some of the names and the difference in popularity around the world. For example I love the name Harry but I'm not sure if I would use it as last year is was in the top 50 here (Australia) but nameberry tells me that it's #709 in the US.

    Then there are names that make it in our top 10 like Sophie or Hunter that don't make it into the top 50 on nameberry. Oliver was the top boys name here last year but was #78 in the US. Lachlan held the #4 spot here and has been in the top consistently for a number of years but it's almost unheard of in some countries.

    Charlie (as a girls name) tied for #20 with Hannah here but Charlie is #376 in the US. In contrast Elizabeth was #11 in the US last year but doesn't make the top 200 in Australia. The year we named our daughter Elizabeth there were only 16 other Elizabeth's born in out of the 65000 babies born in our state.

    Are there names that are very popular where you live but not in other places in the world? Or names that are popular here on nameberry but unheard of where you live?
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    Interesting stuff. I think Harry and Oliver are both going to be on the rise in the US in coming years.
    I would love to see a map of regions for Sophie and seems like they're both crazy popular but in different parts of the world.

    I'm currently in the US, but in my state, there are a few that are way more popular than in the overall. Gianna at #10 always surprises me and Mila, Sadie, Elena, and Aria have all broken the top 100.

    My husbands family is in Poland, popular names there that are much less common in the US...
    Lena is #1. Martyna/Martina and Weronika/Veronica are also high up on the list. (I feel like every other little girl I meet is a Martina! And it's not even in the top 1000 in the US). Versions of Simon (Szymon), Philip, and Caspar are in the top 10. As is Bartosz (Closest approx would be Bartholomew)

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    lol, MOST of the names on Nameberry are unheard of where I am! Most people use the trendy (or classic-ish without being truly classic, like Elizabeth, Charles, Henry, Anna, etc.) top 100 names where I'm from (like Nicholas, Gabriel, Ryan, Robert, Arianna, Layla, Destiny, Eden, Ava, Ella, etc.). I know two girls named Eliora and Elora, and I know a baby boy named Theodore, and that's about as Nameberryish as it gets around here, lol!

    The HUGE names in my area are Elijah (I know/have met at least 25--and a former teacher of mine will have an Elijah in the next coming months, which makes it at least 26!), Autumn (I know around 12), Cora (I know at least six, with various spellings), and Francisco/Francesca (putting together the feminine and masculine forms, I've met six in the past year. YEAR!!).
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    Sophie, Isabella, Grace, Lily, Olivia, Ruby and... Catherine, for some reason.

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    Popular names where I live are Genesis, Madison, Ruby, and Camila.

    Nameberry type names are not heard of a lot. I actually don't mention the Nameberry names anymore because I have been laughed at for the names I like. It is kind of funny.

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