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    What do you think of these names for a baby boy?

    What do you think of names Jeremi, Miron or Hubert for a baby boy? Other names Jeremiasz (version of Jeremi), Henryk, Ernest, Tymoteusz (Tymon), Antoni, Feliks, Krystian, Jan, Szymon, Leon. I need a name that is acceptable in both cultures yet is not as common as Adam, Daniel or Oliver. I would like to keep their polish spelling as above.
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    I'm curious about Jeremi, are you pronouncing it Je-reh-mee? If so, then I prefer the spelling Jeremy.
    Miron is not one I'm fond of, Hubert is low on my fondness radar as well. Hubert sounds...unappealing. And Miron is too close to Moron for my liking.
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    I have never seen Jeremy spelled with an "i" before and do not care for that at all. But I love the name Jeremy!
    Miron is not my style and kinda reminds me of Helen Mirren so I'm going to have to say no to that choice.
    Hubert would be my second choice in this set, but I am not crazy about it.

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    I have to agree that Jeremi just seems misspelled. I think Jeremy is ok. I associate it a lot with the 1990s - and a Pearl Jam song. There's nothing wrong with it but I do associate it wit that era.

    Miron I had to click on because I'm not familiar with it. I actually felt like it was a bit feminine in sound. I also am guess that since it's a variation of Myron that I was actually probably saying it incorrectly in my head. How are you pronouncing it?

    Hubert belongs to that realm of old man chic that seems to be coming back. For the most part it's still too dusty for me...but having a wee Bert could fit in well today.
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    Agree with Jeremy-with-a-y-- would love to see it used. It still sounds fresh. Conversely, you could try Jerome.

    I like the Slavic name Miran (peace) very much-- it's masculine, fits in with current naming trends, and won't be confused with 'moron.'

    Hubert, imo, is pretty twerpy. I just can't envision it as cool, try as I might. Hugh I could get behind, or Hughes, or another -bert name, but not Hubert.
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