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    I knew a "Miss Hermy" from my grandmother's church, and her full named was pronounced "HER-me-un." It was spelled Hermione. I didn't know how the name was supposed to be pronounced until taking a graduate Shakespeare course and we read Winter's Tale! The professor referenced Harry Potter as well, and I was floored. Suddenly a name I cringed at became beautiful!
    I've been saying that completely wrong. That's a much prettier pronunciation than what I had guessed at.

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    When my 1st grade teacher read us the Junie B. Jones series, there was a huge debate over how the little brother's name is pronouced. I had been listening to the books on tape, where Ollie is pronounced AH-lee. Another girl insisted it was OH-lee. The teacher pronounced it OH-lee for the fest of the year and it drove me nuts.
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    Dude, take a chill pill. I'm pretty sure the word Boehner is German. And I'm pretty sure, in Germany, it's pronounced Bayner. The word Goetz is pronounced Gets, so I'm just using logic. German is a strange but interesting language. You have to take language into account when you're reading stuff. You can't just fly into a fit of rage like that without knowing what language it is. Now, I could be wrong, but I've seen a lot of German words, and it looks German to me.
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    My sister Bryn gets Bryan all the time. Our Grandparents thought my parents had named her Byrn though. Oh dear little baby Burn. haha.

    I'm sorry to hear about the mispronunciation of Iker. I was shocked to see that becoming more popular in the US because it seems impossible for American tongues. It should be (roughly) Ee-kare. Eye-ker is dreadful.
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    My daughters name is Sepphiria, pronounced Sef-Fear-E-Uh, but most people pronounce it Sef-Er-Rye-Uh.

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