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    I also remember when my cousin was first reading Harry Potter and saying Hermione in a way that made it sound like "macaroni"--pretty bad, but almost an adorable attempt.
    I had a friend who began reading the Harry Potter books and she read all the way through believing it was pronounced as "Hermy-one" and she said she remembered thinking "what a silly name." It was only when she went to see the film and thought "oh, that's how you say it." LOL.

    I used to pronounce Persephone as Purs-ee-phone because that's how it look, but now I adore the name pronounced correctly.

    What bugs me more is when people use an unusual name and just expect people to know how to pronounce it. I mean you should realise that that is a negative to using an unusual name and correcting people is something you should just expect.
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    My sisters get their names mispronounced a lot.
    Ahnna is frequently Anna, or Hannah, or Ahana (it's pronounced phonetically).
    Kierra is usually told her name is actually Kiara or Kerrah. However, her friend Kiernan has no problems with his name, and they begin with the same sound.
    My sister Leeah is sometimes Leia (like star wars), or Leeane. She's Leah, but with an extra letter.
    I mostly just get told my name (Britta) is short for Bridget or Britney, which isn't true. People often also pronounce it Bree-tah, So I introduce myself as "Britta, Like the Water Filter".
    Once I got called Heidi, which was bizarre.

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    My sister's name is Mariah (like the singer, Mariah Carey) but she gets Maria frequently. A little more of an "understandable" mispronunciation, my best friend in middle school's name was Chelsea, but it was pronounced like Chel-SAH.

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    In college, I had friends who were married by a local official whom they had never met before. The ridiculous man referred to Ian as EYE-ehn the ENTIRE ceremony. It was horrible and distracting.
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    The worst name mispronunciation that we unfortunately have to hear every day is House speaker John Boehner.... The F#$king MORON thinks that somehow BOEH can be pronounced BAY. The REAL pronunciation of this MORON's name is BONER... if he doesn't like the way his name is pronmounced, he should CHANGE IT!!!! Orherwise pronounce it correctly John Boner!

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