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    mispronounced names

    Are there any names you've heard horribly mispronounced? For example my us history teacher once pronounced Imogen em-uh-o-gen
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    People mispronounce my daughter's name all the time, which I didn't think would be a problem. Her and her twin brother were just born in September but I have already run across problems. Her names is Anevay and people seem to think for some reason it's pronounced AWN uh vay or ANNE uh vay. One person even said AH neev vay. I'm like what? It's AHN uh vay!

    When my husband and I were going to university together, we had an indian professor who pronounced his name (Daniel) like Danielle. He hated it! It was funny though. I don't think she could pronounce the yull sound very well with her accent.

    When I was showing names to my husband, he used to have a hard time with pronunciation as well. One time he pronounced Chloe "Shh-low"! I was rolling on the floor laughing. Shlow. It was hilarious.

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    My husband and I were really hoping to use the name Moira for a future daughter... but my mother CANNOT say the name.

    "Muy...Muyla...Maya...Myra...What is it again?"

    Every time.

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    Not pronunciation really, but I had a boss at a coffee shop once who could not get a handle on spelling of names. He would type a customer's name in the computer and I would have to decipher it. I'd be holding the slip thinking "Kateland? What the heck is Kateland?" Meanwhile poor Caitlin is waiting for her mocha.

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    I don't have this pronunciation problem generally IRL, but I did have several people tell me "Angel, do you mean Angela?"

    I do have this issue on here all the time, generally with Greek names. It's either people on here who don't know how to say it (and don't care when I try to correct them despite the fact that I'm Greek and know what I'm talking about :P), or Nameberry has a wrong pronunciation and so people always say "but Nameberry says..."

    I have this issue with Thalia (thay-lee-uh), Xanthe (zan-thee which Nameberry lists as zan-theh and x-zan-theh), Ione (ee-oh-nee), Ianthe (ee-an-thee), Elysia (eh-lee-seeuh)... and a lot of others :P -- My Amazon Author Page

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