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    Talking Opinions on our girls list please

    Hi there, we have our second girl fast approaching and no idea what to call her! Our 19 month old is Eden Nellie so will need to go well with that name. Her last name starts with H so all H names are out. Here is a rough list of ideas so far

    Eden Nellie and .....

    Frankie Jean ( we both love this but my family hate it, they think its for boys only) Jean is after a relative
    Elsie Rose ( not sure about two E names?)
    Maggie ?
    Betty ?
    Alba ( I think A names go well with Eden)
    Addy ?

    Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated


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    I dislike Frankie for girl, sorry! Francesca or Frances would be prettier. Love Jean, Rose and Alba. Maggie, Betty, and Addy are all I prefer as nicknames.

    Francesca Jean
    Irene Jean
    Noelle Alba
    Frances Eliza
    Lila Beatrice
    Bethany Jean
    Adelaide Jean
    Magritte Rose
    Margo Jean

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    Wow what personality the names you have chosen have! They are so different but cool at the same time!

    I love Frankie for a girl, but as a nickname. As c@29 stated - maybe a longer name that shortens to Frankie? I love the magazine that totes that name as well Also - Frankie goes well with Eden!

    I also like a combination of your favourites

    - Frankie (Francesca? Francine?) Rose
    - Maggie Jean
    - Alice, Addison, Adelaide, Adelie - All go well with Eden.

    Happy naming! Good luck!
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    I adore Frankie on a little girl but I would definitely give her a full name with the option of Frankie as a nickname. Frances and Francesca would be lovely.

    Your names are all a little nicknamey for me, apart from Alba, which I do agree is pretty cute with Eden.

    Elsie is getting popular in the UK but I prefer Elsa or Elspeth nn Elie.

    Maggie would need to be Margaret IMO.

    How about Adeline or Adelaide or Adele with the nickname Addy. I think Eden & Adele would be cute.

    I don't like Betty but Betsy would be cute.

    Other ideas...
    Eden & Nancy
    Eden & Maisie (It is a nickname but it's adorable with Eden)
    Eden & Willow
    Eden & Scarlett
    Eden & Isla
    Eden & Camille
    Eden & Waverly
    Eden & Georgia
    Eden & Saskia
    Eden & Winter 'Winnie'
    Eden & Blythe
    Eden & Charlotte 'Lottie'
    Eden & Imogen 'Immy'
    Eden & Freya
    Eden & Matilda 'Tillie'
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    Frankie-Jean is really cute for a little girl if you're going to stick with the entire double barreled name. It is very fresh and definatley girly.
    She might want to go with Jean as she is older and would have that option!

    My name is Francine and My friends and family always called me Francine which I LOVED! I always got compliments on my name growing up. I didn't have a nn and that was ok, because I really loved my name. Also, my name is what drew my husband to me! (that's another
    I finally got the nn Frankie from my co-workers as an adult later in life. Anyway, I worked with these people for about 2 years really like the job and the co-workers but the nn Frankie got really tired to me. Maybe if it would have been double barreled like Frankie-Jean, Frankie-Ann or Frankie-Mae, it wouldn't have gotten so boring. I didn't have the heart to ask them to quit calling me Frankie. As time passed and we move on, I found a much better job with a more reputable company. They asked me what I would like to be called and even mentioned the name Frankie (which shocked me at the time as there were no connections between this company and the new one) Well, I insisted that they all call me Francine. They even had a gold nameplate made for my Desk with "Francine". The name has always brought me a lot of respect, dignity and even a few turned heads and bent ears. I'm not putting the name Frankie down, just giving some first hand knowledge on the name from experience as I have lived it. Thanks for listening!

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