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    At the young age of eighteen, you fell in love with a man who is five years older than you. Two years later, you got engaged, and shortly after, you were standing at the altar saying "I do". You and he have had six beautiful children, although you were only planning on three. The youngest three were wonderful surprises. Now that you've been married for twenty five years, and already have become grandparents, you're ready to settle down.

    This is you, age 46 & your husband, age 51:
    Your names: Aaron Will & Theresa Grace Foster

    Your first born child is currently 24 years old. This is what he looks like:
    He is a vivid performer at the local theater down the street, as he has been since he was 14 years old. He never desired going to college, just like his parents, but he is successful and loves what he does. Growing up, he was outgoing and very social. Everyone knew that someday he'd get into acting. He has always been, and always will be, a thespian. During his career at the theater, he met a beautiful woman. They fell in love, and instantly got married. He was only 22, but he knew it would last forever. They welcomed their first daughter into the world a year ago, and everyone loves her. She's beautiful, just like her mama. This is his wife & their daughter:
    His name: Marcus Flynn Foster
    His wife's name: Isabella Delaney Foster
    Their daughter's name: Isadora Lily Foster

    Your second child is currently 21 years old. This is what she looks like:
    She is a server at the diner that your in-laws own. Her young life has been rough. She has a 2 year old son, who is the product of an abusive relationship. The father bailed the day he was born, which is fine by you, because he was a deadbeat anyway. Your daughter is the sweetest young lady anyone has ever met. That's bad because people take advantage of that. The only aspirations that she has at the moment is to go to college, once her son starts school, to become a nurse, and to meet someone who will love her and her little boy unconditionally. This is her little boy:
    Her name: Alannah Jennifer Foster
    Her son's name: Julian Aaron Foster

    Your third child is currently 18 years old. This is what she looks like:
    She gets paid to write and recite poetry at the local clubhouse. She is the outcast of the family, and is very sadistic and dark. She spends hours alone playing her electric guitar. You understand her thought process, because you studied psychology in college before you dropped out, and both you and your husband suffer from Borderline Personality disorder. You see small traits of it in her as well from time to time. Some consider her problematic, but you know it's just her disorder. She takes medication for it, and is improving every day. You can relate to her the best, because she's exactly like you were at that age.
    Her name: Quinn Samanta Foster

    Your fourth child is currently 15 years old. This is what he looks like:
    He is a good student in school, filled with many dreams and ambitions for his future. He wants to own an architecture/construction company, just like your 42 year old brother. He reminds you so much of your brother. They look alike, act alike, and share the same dreams. This child has one of the highest test scores in your city, but he's not the nerdy study type. His grades are all talent, no preparation. Because of his similarity to your brother, his middle name is the same as your brother's first name.
    His name: Kyler Lionel Foster

    Your fifth child is currently 12 years old. This is what he looks like:
    He is the athletic child. He currently plays football and soccer, and lives his life around being outdoors. He wants to be an Air Force pilot when he graduates high school. He may be talented like his father in the sports department, but he's still a normal kid. He knows his limits and when he's been over-working himself. He loves to go swimming after every practice to calm him. He's also very shy and doesn't have many friends. He's focused on his sports, not his relationships. You can sometimes notice a few similar traits in him that you see in your 18 year old daughter.
    His name: Landon Raymond Foster

    Your last born child is currently 7 years old. This is what she looks like:
    She is the sweet joy of the family. She was born 3 months premature, and almost didn’t live through it. She was simply a miracle. Due to her lack of fetal development, she has a few minor disabilities; she can’t walk very well, she has a speech impediment, and sometimes her mental development puts her in the mind of a younger child. She wears leg braces and sees a physical therapist as well as a speech therapist and a mental therapist. They all are confident that she will be a normal and healthy teenager by the time she reaches high school. As of now, she just enjoys being an artist and singing. She painted her own mural in her bedroom! She is truly a blessing.
    Her name: Klarissa Adelaide Foster

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