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    Name your family Quiz

    DH, FN:
    How many slices of pizza can you eat?
    One: Ryan
    Two: Nolan
    Three or more: Michael

    DH, MN:
    Do you believe in ghosts?
    Yes: Joel
    No: Ian

    DW, FN:
    If you joined the circus (animal cruelty free!!!), what talent would you perform?
    Acrobatics: Holly
    Buffoonery (Jester, stilt walking, fire performance): Zoey
    Juggling: Alexandra
    Clown: Amanda
    Ringmaster: Aubrey
    Other (what would it be?): Kennedy

    DW, MN:
    Would you have one of your fingers surgically removed if it meant becoming immune to all diseases?
    Yes: Maria
    No: Trinity

    DD, FN:
    For a party, are you generally:
    Overdressed: Sarah
    Underdressed: Avalon
    Perfectly dressed: Ellis

    DD, MN:
    What temptations would you be better off removing from your life?
    Junk food: Kinsley
    Internet: Natalie
    Cigarettes: Tatum
    Spending money: Jillian
    Other: Paige

    DS, FN:
    What is the worst quality a person can have?
    Dishonest: Everett
    Ungrateful: Liam
    Closed minded: Caden
    Prideful: Jayden
    Malicious (the desire to be evil): Aiden
    Other: Landon

    DS, MN:
    What activity do you NEVER procrastinate on?
    Returning a text: Emerson
    Eating: Mason
    Sleeping: Carter
    Taking care of my family: Ethan
    I never procrastinate on anything: Grayson
    Procrastination is my middle name. Why do something today that I can do tomorrow? Jackson

    DD, FN:
    What is something you enjoy doing for other people?
    Loving them: Adeline
    Cooking for them: Soleil
    Listening and talking with them: Adriana
    Buying them things: Riley

    DD, MN:
    When did you last laugh so much it hurt?
    Today: Alexis
    Within the last week: Reagan
    Within the last 1-2 months: Piper
    Within the last 3 months or longer: Alison
    I can't remember the last time I laughed that much: Peyton

    DS, FN:
    What is something that always leaves you wanting more?
    Chocolate (or any junk food): Levi
    A perfect day with loved ones: Rowan
    Vacation: Reese
    A great book: Justin
    An awesome movie: Brandon

    DS, MN:
    What is something you are tired of seeing online?
    Selfies: Henry
    Rude comments: Finn
    Cat videos: Jude
    Pop up ads: Owen
    Facebook: Benjamin

    DD, FN:
    What is standing between you and your biggest goal?
    Money: Clementine
    Courage: Grace
    Education: Penelope
    Illness: Beatrice
    Nothing: Genevieve
    Other: Olivia

    DD, MN:
    What was your favorite toy as a child?
    Barbies / dolls: Alice
    Bicycle: Eleanor
    Legos: Iris
    Coloring books / crafts: Adelaide
    Other: Georgia

    DS, FN:
    What helps you feel positive when you feel lost and alone?
    Faith: George
    Family: Miles
    Friends: William
    Pets: Arthur
    Hobbies: Edward
    Antidepressants: Harry

    DS, MN:
    What do you like most when you have alone time?
    Quiet: James
    Choice of doing what I want: Thomas
    Solitude: Oscar
    Clarity of mind: Elliot
    Other: Felix
    Matilda Annabelle * Natalie Ruth * Emily Rose * Calliope Justine

    Jensen Andrew * Brandon Poole * Jasper Coyote * James Blake

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    Matilda Annabelle * Natalie Ruth * Emily Rose * Calliope Justine

    Jensen Andrew * Brandon Poole * Jasper Coyote * James Blake

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    Combos I'm Liking:

    Jane Valencia Dagmar, George Balthasar, Lorelei Dove , Rufus Gabriel, Penelope Allaire, Henry Philip, Ginevra Eden & Edgar Sullivan

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