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    Harry Potter themed CAF - PART 3/3

    PART 3: Grandchildren

    19 years later.

    For children over 25, roll the ten sided die. Whatever you roll is how many children they will have.

    For children under 25, roll the ten sided die. Divide whatever number you roll by two (unless of course, you roll a one). For odd numbers, divide by two and round up or down to the nearest whole number. Easy!

    Odd is male, even is female. You may choose to have multiples if you like. Ages are up to you.

    Male: Roll once for first name, then again for the middle name.

    1: Colonial
    2: Vampire baby names
    3: Ancient
    4: Cool Unusual baby names
    5: Badass baby names
    6: Occupational
    7: Popular
    8: British names
    9: Hipster baby names
    10: Vintage baby names

    Female: Roll once for first name, then again for the middle name.

    1: Fictional Princesses
    2: Jane Austin names
    3: French names
    4: Biblical
    5: Spiritual
    6: Literary
    7: Old lady names
    8: Goddess names
    9: Names that end in 's'
    10: Bad Girl baby names

    Appearance: Roll the die for hair and eye colour.

    Hair colour:
    1. Same as father
    2. Same as grandmother
    3. Blonde
    4. Same as mother
    5. Brown
    6. Same as grandfather
    7. Red
    8. Same as mother
    9. Same as father
    10. Black

    Eye colour:
    1. Same as grandmother
    2. Same as father
    3. Hazel
    4. Same as mother
    5. Brown
    6. Green
    7. Same as mother
    8. Same as grandfather
    9. Blue
    10. Same as father

    For children eleven years and older, complete the following;

    Hogwarts house: Roll to determine which house they are/were in.

    1. Same as grandmother
    2. Same as mother
    3. Same as grandfather
    4. Same as father
    5. Gryfinndor
    6. Slytherin
    7. Hufflepuff
    8. Ravenclaw
    9. Same as mother
    10. Same as father

    Wand: Roll to determine the type of wand they use.

    1-2. Twelve inches
    3-4. Ten and a half inches
    5-6. Nine inches
    7-8. Eight and three-quarter inches
    9-10. Nine and a half inches

    1. Cherry
    2. Elm
    3. Fir
    4. Holly
    5. Walnut
    6. Oak
    7. Pine
    8. Rosewood
    9. Maple
    10. Willow

    1-2. Dragon heartstring
    3-4. Unicorn tail hair
    5-6. Veela hair
    7-8. Threstral tail hair
    9-10. Phoenix feather


    1. Common pet - dog, cat, bird, rabbit, etc.
    2. Farm animal - pig, cow, horse, etc.
    3. Australian animal - kangaroo, koala, bilby, platypus, wombat, Tasmanian devil, etc.
    4. Type of big cat - cheetah, lion, tiger, jaguar, panther, etc.
    5. Same as father
    6. Bird of some kind - swan, eagle, falcon, vulture, etc.
    7. Underwater creature - dolphin, shark, jellyfish, etc.
    8. Same as mother
    9. Mythical creature - unicorn, phoenix, centaur, etc.
    10. Same as grandmother or grandfather

    For grandchildren eighteen years and older (who are no longer at Hogwarts), complete the following;


    1. Works at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries (e.g. as a healer)
    2. Works at a magical business in Diagon Alley - choose an existing business or make one up.
    3. Works at a magical business in Hogsmeade - choose an existing business or make one up.
    4. Professional Quidditch player - choose an existing team or make one up; also choose your position (chaser, seeker, beater, or keeper).
    5. Works for a wizarding publication such as The Daily Prophet - choose a position (e.g. advice columinst, reporter, editor, etc).
    6. Your choice
    7. An Auror or Unspeakable (perhaps in training if they are only young!)
    8. Works in the Ministry of Magic - choose a department and a specific job (you'll have to scroll down about halfway to reach the department section).
    9. Wandmaker assistant
    10. Following in their mother or father's footsteps.

    The end! Hope you had fun playing.

    Audrey | Nora | Louisa | Estelle | Freya | Bronte | Edith | Imogen | Phoebe
    Lincoln | Jude | Ezra | Silas | Miles | Elias | Roman

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    Location: Scotland

    Gideon Thomas *GT* Rosenthal (brown, brown) pureblood Gryffindor (Owner of a magical business in Diagon Alley - owl emporium) Nine and a half inches Willow Unicorn tail hair (patronus: lion)
    Astrid Nova Rosenthal (red, green) muggle-born Gryffindor (Healer at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries) Eleven inches Pine Phoenix feather (patronus: Siamese cat)

    31 - Cobalt Edward *Coby* Rosenthal (brown, brown) Hufflepuff (Ten and a half inches, Walnut, Dragon heartstring) patronus: horse & Rhys Gideon Rosenthal (red, green) Gryffindor (Twelve inches, Elm, Threstral tail hair) patronus: phoenix
    Coby's kids:
    10 - Hollis Eden Rosenthal (brown, brown)
    8 - Eli Matthew Rosenthal (blonde, brown) & Tolliver Magnus *Olli* Rosenthal (red, brown)
    5 - Celia Elodie Rosenthal (brown, blue)

    Rhys's kids:
    12 - Maximus Theo *Max* Rosenthal (brown, brown) Gryffindor (Nine and a half inches, oak, dragon heartstring) patronus: tiger & Maia Promise Rosenthal (brown, green) Gryffindor (Nine inches, fir, Threstral tail hair) patronus: rabbit
    10 - Halcyon Emma *Hallie* Rosenthal (red, green)
    9 - Wilder Gideon Rosenthal (brown, green)
    8 - Antonia Abigail *Annie* Rosenthal (brown, blue)
    7 - Cullen Moses Rosenthal (red, green)
    6 - Clea Galilee Rosenthal (brown, brown) & Georgiana Carys *Georgie* Rosenthal (brown, blue)
    4 - Rhys Jagger *RJ* Rosenthal (brown, green) & Emmett Mercer Rosenthal (brown, brown)

    29 - Linnea Tamsin Rosenthal (red, brown)
    10 - Samuel Roth *Sam* (brown, brown) & Tucker Remus (brown, brown)
    9 - Ellis Calliope (brown, blue) & Bliss Margaret (blonde, blue)
    7 - Leia Monique (brown, green)
    6 - Zane Jeremiah (black, blue) & Guthrie Jackson (blonde, brown)
    4 - Hazel Danique (red, green)
    3 - Solomon Rufus *Solo* (brown, brown)
    1 - Esme Catherine (brown, brown)

    28 - Augustus Rafferty *Augie* Rosenthal (red, brown)
    10 - Luca Felix *Luke* Rosenthal (red, brown)
    9 - Magdalen Maelle *Maggie* Rosenthal (brown, blue) & Matilda Judith *Tillie* Rosenthal (brown, hazel) & Mercedes Artemis *Sadie* Rosenthal (brown, green)
    7 - Freya Delilah Rosenthal (brown, brown)
    5 - Ezekiel Fisher *Zeke* Rosenthal (blonde, brown)
    3 - Isla Trinity Rosenthal (blonde, green)

    25 - Nova Ruth Rosenthal (brown, hazel)
    6 - Levi Duncan (red, hazel)
    5 - Crispin Archibald *Kip* (black, brown)
    3 - Sawyer Lennon (blonde, blue)
    2 - Tobias Oberon *Toby* (brown, green) & Ruby Orpah (black, brown)
    1 - Taylor Phineas (blonde, brown)

    24 - Titus Maxfield *Ty* Rosenthal (red, blue)
    2 - Noah Isidore Rosenthal (red, brown) & Quintus Abraham *Quin* Rosenthal (red, brown)

    22 - Tessa Bryony Rosenthal (brown, green)
    1 - Thaddeus Ryker *Teddy* (brown, green)

    GT and Astrid with Coby, Rhys, Linnea, Augie, Nova, Ty, and Tessa

    Coby with Hollis, Eli, Olli, and Celia
    Rhys with Max, Maia, Hallie, Wilder, Annie, Cullen, Clea, Georgie, RJ, and Emmett
    Linnea with Sam, Tucker, Ellis, Bliss, Leia, Zane, Guthrie, Hazel, Solo, and Esme
    Augie with Luke, Maggie, Tillie, Sadie, Freya, Zeke, and Isla
    Nova with Levi, Kip, Sawyer, Toby, Ruby, and Taylor
    Ty with Noah and Quin
    Tessa with Teddy

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    I did it, and it was super fun, but it's too much to type out, because it's late and I'm lazy :P
    Current faves for boys: Kieran Blake ♥ Judah Kyler ♥ Declan Micah ♥ Felix Anthony ♥ Rhys Brennan
    Current faves for girls: Arabella Quinn ♥ Lyra Charlotte ♥ Kara Penelope ♥ Jessamine Claire ♥ Maren Evanna
    I'd love some votes on my name list:

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    Parents: Augustus Finnegan White, 33 & Charlotte Elinora White, 34
    1. Shepherd Horatio White, 11 - Blonde hair, blue eyes. He is in Slytherin house. His wand is 10 inches long, made of Cherry, with dragon heartstring core.
    2. Arcadia Willoughby White, 8 - She has white-blonde hair and gray eyes.
    3. Beatrice Divinity White, 4 - She is a beautiful little girl who goes by ‘Bea’ with white-blonde hair just like her older siblings and mum. She has cool blue eyes.

    Parents: Aurora Viviette (White) Steele, 31 & Seamus Elliot Steele, 34
    1. Thaddeus Edward Steele, 11 - He goes by Tad. He has dark brown hair like his muggle-born father and gray eyes like his mother. He is in Ravenclaw house, has a 9 inch Oak wand with a Thestral tail hair core.
    2. Tamsin Elizabeth Steele, 9 - She is an identical twin to Kinsey. She has short blonde hair and blue eyes.
    3. Kinsey Augusta Steele, 9 - An identical twin to Tamsin. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes.

    Parents: Oliver Leonides White, 28 & Galla Marcianna Thomas, 26
    1. Sebastian Elias Archibald Thomas-White, 4 -A mischievous little boy with messy brown hair just like his mum, and blue eyes like his dad.
    2. Thalia Evangeline Thomas-White, 1 - A cheery, chubby baby girl with black hair just like her Gran Daphne, and green eyes.

    Parents: Elena Guinevere White (Finnigan) 28, & Alexander Bazel Finnigan, 29
    1. Samuel James Finnigan, 5 - Identical twin to Sayer. He has black hair just like his father and green eyes just like his mum.
    2. Sayer Theodore Finnigan, 5 - Identical twin to Samuel. He has black hair and green eyes.

    Parents: Abra Ottoline White, 25 & Jasper Jameson Malfoy, 25
    1. Isla Lucienne Malfoy, 2 - A beautiful baby girl with thick black hair and dark brown-black eyes. She is a the great-granddaughter of Draco Malfoy.

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    Inigo Cian Knightley, 38
    Selma Johanna Knightley, 36

    DS: Jagger Atticus, 12
    Short and straight brown hair, dark blue eyes.
    Ravenclaw. 9½" elm wood with a unicorn tail hair core.
    Patronus = Falcon

    DD: Daisy Augusta, 7
    Long and curly blonde hair, pistachio green eyes.

    Augustine Maximus Knightley, 36
    Mariana Louise Knightley, 36

    DS: Felix Thelonious, 12
    Short red hair, dark blue eyes.
    Ravenclaw. 9" fir wood with a dragon heartstring core.
    Patronus = Koala

    DD: Millie Lucretia, 11
    Brown straight hair, light blue eyes.
    Hufflepuff. 9½" fir wood with a phoenix feather core.
    Patronus = Unicorn

    DD: Iris Eudora, 5
    Blonde wavy hair, light blue eyes.

    DS: Axel Santiago, 5
    Short red hair, dark blue eyes.

    Vega Concordia (nee Knightley), 33
    Lorcan Juventus Scarmander, 35

    DS: Cornelius Levi, 11
    Blonde and curly hair, green eyes.
    Ravenclaw. 12" pine wood with a unicorn tail hair core.
    Patronus = Rabbit

    DD: Beatrice Hermione, 4
    Long blonde and curly hair, brown eyes.

    Isabeau Luna Black (nee Knightley), 25
    Hugo Ephraim Black, 27

    DS: Milo Ranger, 1
    Short black hair, brown eyes.

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