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    Unusual Nature Name CAF

    LN: Sparrow, Wind, Fang, Vine, Barley, Toad, Pear, Snout, Otter, Leaf, Mud, Owl, Squirrel, Mint, Puddle

    DW or DH: Zinnia, Speckle, Duck, Raven, Flower, Mouse, Fog, Peach, Spring, Petal, Pebble, Water, Lizard, Elk, Horse, Beryl

    DW or DH: Creek, Dusk, Cricket, Silver, Kit, Morning, Starling, Poppy, Finch, Whisker, Eyes, Sage, Flame, Rabbit, Marsh, Peridot

    DD/DS: Deer, Fern, Spider, Twilight, Coyote, Rain, Feather, Poplar, Grass, Pidgeon, Crane, Berry, Leap, Tawny, Orca/Skip, Moth, Comet, Claw, Hemlock, Wild, Cedar, Pool, Thunder, Hawk, Dust, Crow, Wheat, Jump, Frost, Umber (15)

    DD: Snow, Cloud, Paw, Stream, Gray, Day, Leopard, Warm, Smoke, Pink, Swan, Sky, Maple, Ant, Willow, Tulip (13)
    DS: Rock, Oat, Hare, Cold, Green, Bolt, Sun, Light, Scorch, Thunder, Fall, Pebble, Wheat, Fox, Bat (11)
    DS: Periwinkle, Riptide, Walnut, Field, Flounder, Spring, Clay, Swift, Heart, Coal, Tide, Ash, Ice, Blue, Eagle (10)
    DD: Sunny, Glow, Snake, Parsley, Star, Finch, Cove, Moon, Wave, Shoal, Aspen, Fire, Lake, Day, Breeze, Snowflake (9)
    DD/DS: Wren, River, Blueberry, Meadow, Briar, Ember, Anise, Rhubarb, Jewel, Caldera, Life, Deer, Strawberry, Shell, Terra, Umbra/Gill, Eel, Wolf, Boulder, Oleander, Blizzard, Mustard, Shadow, Shark, Red, Hawk, Quail, Huckleberry, Haddock, Bean (8)
    DS/DD/DD/DD/DS: Space, Lightning, Snapdragon, Mountain, Sea, Garlic, Mulberry, Metal, Mist, Crane, Wild, Carrot, Frond, Gold, Night/Valley, Pepper, Hill, Peppermint, Clear, Saffron, Sunflower, Dolphin, Ametrine, Ginger, Cranberry, Aqua, Emerald, Sugar, Dewdrop/Lemon, Raspberry, Dragonfly, Nebula, Purple, Bird, Orchid, Ocean, Marine, Clam, Oasis, Aurora, Midnight, Clover, Jade/Opal, Echo, Nova, Coral, Nutmeg, Star, Midnight, Indigo, Cypress, Buttercup, Garnet, Posy, Shore, Coast, Firefly/Crest, Krill, Fish, Walnut, Bug, Marsh, Dust, Tadpole, Talon, Cinnamon, Harbor, Glade, Thorn, Pike, Ocean (7)
    DS/DS: Cobalt, Lunar, Fly, Steel, Zephyr, Timber, Agate, Neptune, Whisker, Onyx, Arctic, Twister, Branch, Mercury, Falcon/Cavern, Leopard, Stream, Linden, Turtle, Rat, Tree, Salmon, Cranberry, Garden, Hive, Pickle, Iron, Sleet, Peanut (6)
    DS: Bramble, Lotus, Pollen, Bee, Flurry, Diamond, Tern, Storm, Foxglove, Lime, Pine, Fig, Lion, Bubble, Marble (4)
    DS/DD: Orchard, Crow, Surf, Onion, Eclipse, Oriole, Web, Citrus, Harbor, Lynx, Gull, Chasm, Grassland, Copper, Thicket/Tarantula, Amethyst, Magma, Butterfly, Gem, Cat, Rainbow, Topaz, Cayenne, Crescent, Nightingale, Sapphire, Petunia, Hollow, Terrain (2)
    DS: Cliff, Lazuli, Dill, Hedge, Whirlwind, Shrub, Beech, Air, Tiger, Waterfall, Octopus, Squid, Solar, Ficus, Stallion (1)
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    DW: Raven Flower Vine, 42 (née Wind)
    DH: Starling Kit Vine, 40
    - DD/DS: Feather Rain Vine & Cedar Dust Vine, 15
    - DD: Willow Day Vine, 13
    - DS: Fox Green Vine, 11
    - DS: Ash Blue Vine, 10
    - DD: Aspen Breeze Vine, 9
    - DD/DS: Wren River Vine & Hawk Blizzard Vine, 8
    - DS/DD/DD/DD/DS: Wild Night Vine, Ginger Valley Vine, Marine Bird Vine, Indigo Nova Vine & Ocean Pike Vine, 7
    - DS/DS: Falcon Branch Vine & Linden Leopard Vine, 6
    - DS: Lion Storm Vine, 4
    - DS/DD: Lynx Crow Vine & Rainbow Gem Vine, 2
    - DS: Stallion Cliff Vine, 1
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    DH [41] Raven Elk Sparrow
    DW [40] Poppy Marsh {Barley} Sparrow

    DD [15] Tawny Fern Sparrow
    DS [15] Cedar Pool Sparrow
    DS [11] Fox Thunder Sparrow
    DS [10] Clay Ash Sparrow
    DD [9] Aspen Day Sparrow
    DD [8] Briar Meadow Sparrow
    DS [8] Shadow Hawk Sparrow
    DS [7] Wild Crane Sparrow
    DD [7] Saffron Ginger Sparrow
    DD [7] Aurora Ocean Sparrow
    DD [7] Echo Cypress Sparrow
    DS [7] Talon Thorn Sparrow
    DS [4] Zephyr Cobalt Sparrow
    DS [4] Linden Iron Sparrow
    DS [2] Crow Copper Sparrow
    DD [2] Topaz Amethyst Sparrow
    DS [1] Tiger Air Sparrow
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    DH: Raven Water Puddle
    DW: Kit Cricket Puddle

    DD/DS: Coyote Rain Puddle/Skip Umber Puddle (15)
    DD: Swan Tulip Puddle (13)
    DS: Sun Bolt Puddle (11)
    DS: Tide Clay Puddle (10)
    DD: Moon Aspen Puddle (9)
    DD/DS: Caldera Anise Puddle/Red Blizzard Puddle (8)
    DS/DD/DD/DD/DS: Sea Mist Puddle/Saffron Ginger Puddle/Aurora Bird Puddle/Posy Shore Puddle/Cinnamon Bug Puddle (7)
    DS/DS: CTimber Neptune Puddle/Linden Tree Puddle (6)
    DS: Storm Lion Puddle (4)
    DS/DD: Oriole Crow Puddle/Petunia Rainbow Puddle (2)
    DS: Cliff Lazuli Puddle (1)

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