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    How Many Babies Can You Have?

    There are some games on here like this but I figured I would make another because they are so fun!!!!

    Use this dice to play:

    DH's Name: Your Choice
    Your Name: Your Choice

    You roll the dice first for each year 1-10 (or more if you want, I am not picky )

    If you get an even number you get pregnant. Then you roll the dice again to see how many kids you have (you have whatever number is on the dice 1 - 8) Genders and Names are your choice!!

    If you get an odd number, you adopt. Use this to decide which country you adopt from: Then roll the dice for the number of children you adopt. Genders and Names are your choice!!

    Have Fun!!!

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    DH's Name: Adam Jason Gordy
    Your Name: Lindsay Christina Gordy

    Year One: Adoption
    Country: Monaco
    Number Adopted: 5
    Names: Dean Michael Winchester, Dominic Matthew Christopher, Clara Genevieve Alexis, Charles "Charlie" Andrew Linus, & Charlotte Emmeline Adele

    Year Two: Pregnancy
    Number of Children: 5
    Names: Giselle Antonia Camille, Amelia "Mia" Catherine Sophia, Elena Natalie Lucille, Annabelle "Belle" Edith Claire, & Victoria Lillian Francesca

    Year Three: Pregnancy
    Number of Children: 1
    Name: Roman Anthony Samuel

    Year Four: Pregnancy
    Number of Children: 2
    Names: Hugh Damien Clifford & Henry Joel Rudolph

    Year Five: Adoption
    Country: Sweden
    Number Adopted: 8
    Names: Gabriel Adam Joseph, Claude Sebastian West, Walter "Walt" Jude Gregory, George William Andrew, Julianne Estella Marguerite, Seraphina Gabrielle Rosa, Eleanor "Ellie" Jillian Veronica, & Naomi Anastasia Josephine

    Year Six: Adoption
    Country: Brazil
    Number Adopted: 4
    Names: Ada Kateri Bernadette, Autumn Cecilia Lourdes, Vincent "Vince" Philip Neil & Richard "Richie" Harvey Joachim

    Year Seven: Adoption
    Country: Czech Republic
    Number Adopted: 6
    Names: Arthur Nicholas Blaise, Maximilian Leo Adrian, Howard "Howie" Timothy John, Theodore Benjamin Paul, Johannah Isabelle Christine, & Agatha Miriam Grace

    Year Eight: Pregnancy
    Number of Children: 5
    Names: Sylvie Kathleen Hope, Vivian Monica Judith, Graham Jacob Alphonsus, Edward "Eddie" Shane Maurice, & Jackson "Jax" Levi Stefan

    Year Nine: Adoption
    Country: China
    Number Adopted: 7
    Names: Allison Bianca Magdalene, Eleni Carina Faith, Aurora Lydia Daneel, Audrina Kimberly Simone, Anne Eliza Lindsay, Eulalia Paulette Gemma, & Anya Iris Sheren

    Year Ten: Pregnancy
    Number of Children: 6
    Names: Emmett Casteil Jason, Raphael "Rafe" Thomas Jedidiah, Rocco Channing Diesel, Ireland Maeve Holiday, Mary Noelle Paisley, & Molly Bridget Kieran

    Dean, Dominic, Clara, Charlie, Giselle, Mia, Elena, Belle, Victoria, Roman, Hugh, Henry, Gabriel, Claude, Walt, George, Julianne, Seraphina, Ellie, Naomi, Ada, Autumn, Vince, Richie, Arthur, Maximilian, Howie, Theodore, Johannah, Agatha, Sylvie, Vivian, Graham, Eddie, Jax, Allison, Eleni, Aurora, Audrina, Anne Eliza, Eulalia, Anya, Emmett, Rafe, Rocco, Ireland, Mary & Molly

    Total 49 :O
    (27 Girls - 22 Boys)

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    Pregnant 6 -
    Eden, Imogen, Rosalie, Declan, Niall, Tobias.

    Adopt 3 Canada -
    Benjamin, Keiran, William 'Liam'

    Pregnant 2 -
    Verity, Xanthe

    Adopt 7 Brunei -
    Aaliyah, Imani, Hana, Jazmin, Kayla, Caleb, Zavier.

    Adopt 1 India -

    Pregnant 8 -
    Bronwyn, Callista, Emmeline, Liliana, Magdalena, Zoey, Nathaniel, Sebastian.

    Adopt 6 French Southern and Antarctic Lands -
    Amélie, Claire, Elaina, Adrien, Mason, Matthais.

    Adopt 3 Venezuela -
    Aurora, Dominic, Zachary.

    Adopt 2 Guatemala -
    Meredith, Sebastian

    Adopt 5 China -
    Florence, Sophia, Matilda, Pearl, Evelyn.

    Total: 43

    26 girls.
    17 boys.
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    Melissa ~ Mummy Bee (Stepmum) to Bethany

    Gιяℓѕ ηαмєѕ ι ℓσνє
    Amélie, Bronwyn, Callista, Eden, Emmeline, Imogen, Liliana, Magdalena, Rosalie, Verity, Xanthe.

    вσуѕ ηαмєѕ ι ℓσνє
    Alexander, Benjamin, Declan, Keiran, Nathaniel, Niall, Sebastian, Tobias, William 'Liam', Zachary.

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    My Name: Cassandra Leigh
    DH's name: Kelsey Fredrick

    1. Pregnant 3
    girl, boy, girl

    Luna, Rowan, and Mercy

    2. Adopt 3 from Costa Rica
    boy, girl, girl

    Matthias, Lyra and Madeleine

    3. Pregnant 6
    girl, boy, girl, girl, boy, boy

    Noa, Sebastian, Fiona, Rosalie, Emmett and Caspian

    4. Pregnant 7
    girl, girl, boy, boy, girl, boy, girl

    Stella, Penelope, Eli, Grey, Natalie, Maverick, Clara

    5. Adopt 1 from Wallis and Futuna


    6. Pregnant 3
    boy, girl, boy

    Elliot, Scarlett and Emory

    7. Adopt 1 from Ghana


    8. Pregnant 7
    girl, girl, girl, boy, boy, girl, boy

    Aurora, Sophia, Ciel, Quentin, Orion, Gemma and Arrow

    9. Pregnant 7
    boy, boy, boy, girl, boy, girl, girl

    Wyatt, Jacob, Lennon, Celeste, Xavier, Delilah, Reverie

    10. Adopt 4 from Palmira Atoll
    girl, boy, girl, girl

    Mira, Gabriel, Amelie, and Cora

    22 girls and 20 boys

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