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    Me: Bailey Rose Goliath.

    - Red Hair, Brown Eyes, Gryffindor, 9" Oak with Veela Hair, Cheetah Patronus, Seeker for Holyhead Harpies.

    Husband: Chester James Goliath.

    - Red Hair, Brown Eyes, Slytherin, 10 and 1/2" Fir with Threstral Tail Hair, Swan Patronus, Advice Columnist for the Daily Prophet.

    Son: Justin Michael Goliath.

    - Red Hair, Brown Eyes, Ravenclaw, 10 and 1/2" Walnut with Veela Hair, Dolphin Patronus, Reporter for the Daily Prophet.

    Daughter-In-Law: Cadence Elizabeth Goliath.

    - Red Hair, Brown Eyes, Slytherin, 9 and 1/2" Rosewood with Threstral Tail Hair, Shark Patronus, Employee at Dominic Maestro's.

    Granddaughter: Loretta Michelle Goliath.

    - Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Gryffindor, 8 and 3/4" Maple with Dragon Heartstring, Lion Patronus.

    Grandson: Jonah Andrew Goliath.

    - Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Slytherin, 8 and 3/4" Maple with Threstral Tail Hair, Tiger Patronus.

    Daughter: Serenity Isabelle Rabi.

    - Red Hair, Green Eyes, Hufflepuff, 10 and 1/2" Willow with Phoenix Feather, Jaguar Patronus, Employee of Office for Minster of Magic.

    Son-In-Law: Micah Christopher Rabi.

    - Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Hufflepuff, 12" Rosewood with Veela Hair, Panther Patronus, Beater for Chudley Cannons.

    Granddaughter: Agnes Renee Rabi.

    - Red Hair, Brown Eyes, Slytherin, 8 and 3/4" Maple with Veela Hair, Eagle Patronus.

    Grandson: Bay Jonathan Rabi.

    - Red Hair, Green Eyes, Ravenclaw, 10 and 1/2" Holly with Phoenix Feather, Kangaroo Patronus.

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    Red face

    ~19 Years Later~

    My husband and I:
    Ignatius Thorne and Minerva Calypso Malfoy

    Our children:
    1. Mercury (age 37)
    2. Hestia (age 35)
    3. B.C. (Age 31)
    4. Severus (age 30)
    5. Luna (26)

    Our children/their partners and children:

    1. Mercury Leonides Malfoy with partner
    Caius Adrian Harrison-Malfoy (Red hair, brown eyes, pureblood from Slytherin)[Their children are theirs biologically, magic, huh?]:

    ----Horatio Thatcher Harrison-Malfoy (age 17) is the
    spitting image of Mercury, with black hair and grey eyes just like Mercury.
    He is in Ravenclaw with a Rosewood wand (threstral tail core) that is 8 & 3 quarter inches.
    His patronus is a vulture and he wants to work in the department of mysteries.
    ----Vladimir Magnus Harrison-Malfoy (age 16) has red hair like Caius,
    but with blue eyes. He is also in Ravenclaw, with a
    wand that is 9 & a half inches of Willow wood and
    threstral tail core. His patronus is a Kangaroo and he
    wants to be a seeker for Puddlemere United.
    ----Ethereal Charlotte Harrison-Malfoy (Age 14) has
    black hair and grey eyes, and looks like Mercury, and
    her own big brother Horatio. Theory is beautiful, and
    her brothers always look out for her at Hogwarts.
    She is also in Ravenclaw, and her wand is of cherry
    wood and is nine inches long with a core of veela
    hair. Her patronus is a dog, and she wants to work
    in Hogsmeade.
    ----Lazarus Bartholomew Harrison-Malfoy is the
    twin of Ethereal. He is blonde and has hazel eyes.
    Laser is in Slytherin, and is also very protective of
    Theory. His wand is of maple and phoenix feather
    and is 8 & 3 quarters. His patronus is a cat, and he
    wants to be a healer.
    ----Zebulon Leonides Harrison-Malfoy is 11 & just
    started Hogwarts. He has black hair and grey eyes
    like Horatio and Theory and Mercury. He is in Ravenclaw.
    His wand is nine and a half inches and made of fir and
    unicorn tail hair. His patronus is barely visible but
    seems like a tiger.

    2. Hestia Fleur Sage with husband
    Jude Sebastian Sage (black hair, blue eyes, muggleborn from Ravenclaw):

    ----Sebastian Luca Sage (15) has brown hair and blue eyes.
    He is in Hufflepuff and his wand is twelve inches lon
    It is of Maple and dragon heartstring. His patronus
    is a goat, and he wants to be a wandmaker's assistant.
    ----Gaius Draper Sage (12) has red hair and brown
    eyes. He is in Slytherin, which wasn't surprising to
    us, even though neither of his parents were from Slytherin.
    His wand: 8 & 3 quarter inches, oak, Threstral tail hair core.
    His patronus, while hardly visible, can be predicted to be
    a Hawk, like his mother. He wants to be an Auror.
    ----Euan Rogue Sage (8) has blonde hair and green
    eyes. He is only 8, but we're pretty sure he'll be in
    Gryffindor, and he wants to be a healer.
    ----Theodore Asa Sage (6) has black hair and hazel
    eyes. He wants to be a quidditch player, and we
    believe he'll be in Gryffindor.

    3. Bartholomew Cobalt Malfoy, "B.C." and wife
    Beatrice Willa Parker-Malfoy (Blonde Hair, green eyes, pureblood from Slytherin):

    ----Fallon Minerva Malfoy is 13 with long blonde
    hair, like Beatrice, and brown eyes like her father.
    She is in Ravenclaw and her wand is of elm,
    dragon heartstring and is 12 inches long. Her
    Patronus is predicted to be a unicorn, from what
    we can tell from the current vapor she can produce.
    She wants to work in Hogsmeade like her cousin
    ----Cosmo Wilder Malfoy is eight and has blonde
    hair, long in a ponytail like his father, and hazel
    eyes. He wants to be a healer, we think he'll be in
    Hufflepuff, like B.C.

    4. Severus Finnian Malfoy with wife
    Iris Felicity Malfoy (neé Granger) (Blonde hair, brown eyes, muggleborn from Gryffindor):

    ----Hermione Ruth Malfoy is 5. She has blonde hair
    and brown eyes. Her facial features are similar to
    Sev's, though. She is a little spitfire destined for
    Slytherin or Gryffindor.

    5. Luna Amaryllis Lovette with husband
    Gregory Xerxes Lovette (Black hair, brown eyes, a hufflepuff with one muggle parent and one magical parent):

    ----Storm Amaryllis Lovette is 5. She has
    wild red hair-even though neither of her
    parents have red hair, but Severus does.
    Together, Hermione and Storm raise hell. Storm
    has brown eyes like her daddy and we think
    she's headed to Ravenclaw.
    ----Seneca Gregor Lovette is 4. He has blonde
    hair and brown eyes. He is pretty quiet,
    but incredibly sweet. He's also very protective
    of his siblings. We think he'll be Gryffindor or
    ----Socrates Thornton Lovette is almost 1.
    He, like Storm, has crazy, wild, red hair and
    brown eyes. We have no idea what house he'll be
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    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    This was really super fun! Thanks! Too many kids to do every part for them, so I just went for names and houses.

    Grandparents: Astoria Eden Sinclair and Seamus Jasper Sinclair (Hufflepuff and Gryffindor)
    Living in France (hmmm, must be some Irish/English expatriates)

    7 kids:
    1. Silas Theon Sinclair (40)
    Wilder Sebastian -Gryff
    Iris Eden - Slytherin
    Tempest Anna - Slytherin
    Aiden North - Slytherin
    Marius Hunter - Slytherin
    James Stellan - Hufflepuff
    Alistair Fox - Hufflepuff
    Edward Arran - Hufflepuff

    2. Atticus Lachlan Sinclair (37)
    William Edmund - Gryffindor
    Lewis David - Gryffindor
    Sullivan Falkner - Hufflepuff
    Juliet Clea - Hufflepuff
    Theo Smith - Gryffindor

    3. Grace Ellis Sinclair (36)
    Henry Fletcher - Slytherin

    4. Eamon Josiah Sinclair (34)
    Eve Marie - Gryffindor
    Grace Cleo - Hufflepuff
    Jane Freya - Gryffindor
    Marcus Levi - Ravenclaw
    Vivian Ada - Hufflepuff
    Jonas Elijah - Hufflepuff
    Lea Alice - Hufflepuff

    5. Ivy Charis Sinclair (31) [twin]
    Sofia Rhiannon- Hufflepuff
    Evelyn Elodie - Hufflepuff
    Scarlett Tamsin - Slytherin
    Stone Darius - Ravenclaw

    6. Jude Leander Sinclair (31) [twin]
    Alice Grace - Hufflepuff
    Judith Anne - Hufflepuff
    Emmett Tobias - Ravenclaw

    7. Ariel Emilia Sinclair (29)
    Elsie Isis - Ravenclaw
    Thatcher Cullen - Hufflepuff
    Olive Abigail- Ravenclaw
    George Aeneas - Gryffindor
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    LN: Carmichael

    DH: George Atlas
    -black hair, brown eyes
    -Muggle-born, Ravenclaw
    -healer (Magical Bugs and Diseases)
    -wand: ten inches, Cherry, Veela hair
    -Patronus: kangaroo

    DW: Lily Selena
    -brown hair, brown eyes
    -half-blood, Gryffindor
    -healer (Spell Damage)
    -wand: eleven inches, Elm, Phoenix feather
    -Patronus: dolphin

    -DS: Connor Prescott [39]
    --black hair, hazel eyes
    --wand: nine inches, Oak, Veela hair
    --Patronus: lion
    --ministry worker (Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes)

    -DD: Primrose Elisabeth "Rose" [35]
    --brown hair, brown eyes
    --wand: twelve inches, Holly, Thestral hair
    --Patronus: rabbit
    --owns Honeydukes, the candy store

    --DD (Connor): Rachel Calliope
    ---black hair, brown eyes
    ---wand: ten and a half inches, Pine, phoenix tail feather
    ---Patronus: dolphin
    ---Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies

    --DS (Connor): Lou Mason "Mason"
    ---black hair, brown eyes
    ---wand: twelve inches, Maple, thestral hair
    ---Patronus: lion
    ---Healer at St. Mungos (Spell Accidents)

    --DD (Connor): Maia Lea "Lea"
    ---black hair, brown eyes
    ---wand: nine and a half inches, Walnut, unicorn hair
    ---Patronus: German Shepherd

    --DD (Connor): Elinor Beatrice "Beatrice"
    ---brown hair, green eyes
    ---wand: nine inches, Oak, dragon heartstring
    ---Patronus: koala
    ---Journalist for the Daily Prophet

    This was so much fun! I love Harry Potter <3

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    Rose's kids:
    Felix Dashiell(11)- Red hair, blue eyes. Hufflepuff. Wand: 9 1/2 inches, cherry wood, phoenix feather. Patronus: Phoenix
    Jonas Lennon(9)- Red hair, brown eyes.
    Granger Augustus(7)- Blonde hair, blue eyes.
    Samuel Pike(4)- Blonde hair, blue eyes.

    Max's kids:
    Fletcher Sebastian(11)- Red hair, hazel eyes. Hufflepuff. Wand: 9 inches, walnut wood, veela hair. Patronus: black cat
    Atticus Elijah(8)- Brown hair, brown eyes.
    Athena Alice(6)- Brown hair, blue eyes.

    Archer's kids:
    Elodie Tallulah(7)- Red hair, blue eyes.
    Lea Nerissa(3)- brown hair, blue eyes.

    Ivy's kids:
    Anneliese Ruby(3)- brown hair, green eyes.
    Damon Griffith(1)- red hair, blue eyes.
    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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