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    Remus Valentino Malfoy [32] + Arcadia Velvet Malfoy [30]:

    Sebastian Ranger Malfoy - 14

    - red hair
    - brown eyes
    - Slytherin
    - 8 3/4 inch wand
    - made of willow
    - threstral tail hair core
    - patronus: unicorn

    Calliope Eudora Malfoy - 11
    - red hair
    - blue eyes
    - Ravenclaw
    - 9 inch wand
    - made of walnut
    - unicorn tail hair core
    - patronus: dog

    Stellan Dashiell Malfoy - 6
    - blonde hair
    - brown eyes

    Eugenia Hollis Malfoy-Knightley [30] + Ace Tolliver Knightly [33]

    Benjamin Augustine Knightley - 11

    - black hair
    - hazel eyes
    - Slytherin
    - 9 inch wand
    - made of walnut
    - dragon heartstring core
    - patronus: dolphin

    Atticus Armand Knightley - 11
    - black hair
    - brown eyes
    - Slytherin
    - 8 3/4 inch wand
    - made of cherry
    - dragon heartstring core
    - patronus: cheetah

    Lourdes Havilah Knightley - 6
    - blonde hair
    - hazel eyes

    Rafferty Odysseus Malfoy [27] + Florence Desdemona Malfoy [26]

    Euan Azariah Malfoy - 10

    - blonde hair
    - blue eyes

    Sadie Georgiana Malfoy - 7
    - black hair
    - green eyes

    Carter Phineas Malfoy - 5
    - red hair
    - hazel eyes

    Maia Gwenevere Malfoy - 3
    - brown hair
    - blue eyes

    Roman Theodore Malfoy - 3
    - blonde hair
    - blue eyes

    Leia Claudia Malfoy - 1
    - blonde hair
    - green eyes

    Imogen Mercy Malfoy-Quigley [24] + Prescott Rupert Quigley [25]

    Artemis Lilith Quigley - 2

    - red hair
    - blue eyes

    Bodhi Shepherd Quigley - 6 months
    - red hair
    - blue eyes
    Alba Johanna Leigh joined us March 21, 2013 @ 7:06pm ~ 7lbs, 4.6oz & 20in

    Baby Haven will be joining us around April 11, 2017! What will her full name be???

    My favorite names!

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    Wow, I love how detailed this was! I don't usually commit to posting such long games, but I loved this one!

    Living in France
    Greengrass Family
    Lysander Phineas Greengrass – blond hair, blue eyes, half-blood, Ravenclaw, healer, 9 ½ inches, holly, dragon heartstring, shark patronus
    Phillipa Mary Greengrass – black hair, green eyes, half-blood, Ravenclaw, Diagon Alley (books & stationery), 9 ½ inches, fir, unicorn hair, Persian cat patronus

    Seven children:
    1. Theophilus Flavius – 22, red hair, blue eyes, Ravenclaw, 12’’, rosewood, unicorn hair, falcon patronus, working at the shop with Phillipa
    2. Leopold Adrian – 20, black hair, green eyes, Gryffindor, 9 ½’’, pine, dragon heartstring, mustang patronus, training as an Auror
    3. Clelia Persis – 17, blonde hair, brown eyes, Hufflepuff, 9 ½’’, oak, dragon heartstring, swan patronus
    4. Dermot Atticus – 15, brown hair, green eyes, Ravenclaw, 9’’, elm, unicorn hair, Persian cat patronus
    5. Ianthe Arcadia – 15, black hair, green eyes, Ravenclaw, 8 ¾’’, elm, unicorn hair, Persian cat patronus
    6. Alastair Remus – 13, blond hair, blue eyes, Hufflepuff, 12’’, maple, dragon heartstring, goat patronus
    7. Eliora Isabeau – 11, blonde hair, hazel eyes, Ravenclaw, 9 ½’’, rosewood, dragon heartstring, Persian cat patronus

    19 years later…

    Theo’s kids:
    1. Primus Magnus – 13, blond hair, green eyes, Gryffindor, 8 ¾’’, maple, dragon hearstring, Great Dane patronus
    2. Venus Axelle – 11, blonde hair, blue eyes, Ravenclaw, 9 ½”, pine, phoenix feather, falcon patronus
    3. Anneliese Odette – 7, red hair, brown eyes
    4. Phineas Talon – 5, red hair, hazel eyes

    Leo’s kids:
    1. Ariadne Evangeline – 17, blonde hair, green eyes, Slytherin, 10 ½”, maple, unicorn hair, platypus patronus, has graduated from Hogwarts & has an internship in newsroom at The Daily Prophet
    2. Ludovic Armand – 15, blonde hair, brown eyes, Ravenclaw, 12”, pine, phoenix feather, phoenix patronus

    Clelia’s children:
    1. Persis Augusta – 12, black hair, blue eyes, Hufflepuff, 8 ¾”, fir, Veela hair, Persian cat patronus
    2. Priscilla Dominique – 12, blonde hair, brown eyes, Gryffindor, 10 ½”, cherry, unicorn hair, panther patronus
    3. Philo Justus – 11, blond hair, green eyes, Hufflepuff, 12”, phoenix feather, Veela hair, shark patronus
    4. Persephone Dilys – 9, black hair, brown eyes

    Dermot’s kids:
    1. Naomi Ines – 14, brown hair, green eyes, Ravenclaw, 8 ¾”, holly, Thestral tail hair, doe patronus
    2. Fiona Giselle – 12, brown hair, blue eyes, Ravenclaw, 8 ¾”, oak, phoenix feather, dolphin patronus

    Ianthe’s kids:
    1. Raven Romane – 11, black hair, green eyes, Ravenclaw, 8 ¾”, elm, Veela hair, Persian cat patronus
    2. Reeve Romanus – 11, black hair, green eyes, Gryffindor, 12”, elm, phoenix feather, phoenix patronus

    Alastair’s kids:
    1. Kingston Steele – 12, blond hair, blue eyes, Ravenclaw, 9”, pine, Thestral tail hair, unicorn patronus
    2. Crispin Josiah – 9, blond hair, blue eyes,

    Eliora’s children:
    1. Fergus Tolliver – 11, brown hair, hazel eyes, Slytherin, 10 ½”, cherry, Veela hair, Persian cat patronus
    2. Dashiell Damon – 8, brown hair, blue eyes
    3. Lydia Amoret – 6, black hair, hazel eyes
    4. Salome Tallulah – 6, brown hair, hazel eyes
    5. Gregor Calix – 4, blond hair, green eyes

    pet peeves: nicknames as given names; unconventional spellings; masculine names on girls
    not-so-guilty pleasures: five-syllable girls' names; virtue and nature names; over-the-top antique names for boys
    (if i repeat name suggestions in a thread, it's because i like them! no apologies here for repeats of great names! )


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    Parents: Tabitha Aspen Delacour & Seamus Jack Brown

    Rufus Crispin Brown
    • blonde hair, brown eyes
    • half-blood
    • eight years old

    Eden Delilah Brown
    • black hair, brown eyes
    • half-blood
    • ten years old

    James Septimus Brown
    Red hair, green eyes
    • half-blood
    • thirteen years old
    • Ravenclaw
    • wand: nine and a half inches, holly, threstral tail-hair
    • patronus: rabbit

    Barnabas Piers Brown
    • brown hair, blue eyes
    • half-blood
    • fifteen years old
    • Gryffindor
    • wand: ten and a half inches, cherry, veela hair
    • patronus: phoenix

    Parents: Luna Amaryllis Delacour & Victor Alexander Malfoy

    Hermione Lillith Malfoy
    • blonde hair and hazel eyes
    • eleven years old
    • pure-blood
    • Slytherin
    • wand: nine inches, willow, phoenix feather
    • patronus: dove

    Super fun CAF!


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    1. Duncan Prescott Lucretius.

    2. Lydia Prudence Lucretius.

    Hair: Same as Father.

    Father: Milo Jacob Lucretius.

    Milo's Hair: Black.

    Eyes: Same as Mother.

    Mother: Skylar Elizabeth Lucretius.

    Skylar's Eyes: Grey.

    House: Same as Mother.

    Skylar's House: Slytherin.

    Wand: Maple, Unicorn Tail Hair, 9 1/2 inches.

    Patronus: Siamese.

    Occupation: Following in their father's footsteps.

    Milo's Job: Auror.

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    Grandparents: Solomon Boaz Black (68) & Philippa Arcadia Black (67).

    Ariadne Tessa Black (38) married George Weasley three years after the Battle of Hogwarts. After retiring from the Pride of Portree Scotland quidditch team, Ariadne ran the joke shop with George. They have one daughter named Henrietta Phoebe Black Weasley (11). Etta has her father’s red hair and her mother’s and grandfather’s ice blue eyes. She took after her Weasley grandparents, father, aunts and uncles as she strode proudly to the Gryffindor table. Her wand is an eight and three-quarter inch willow cored with a phoenix feather and her Patronus is also a phoenix.

    Hyacinth Luna Black (34) married a Muggle named Travis Harvey Hall (a brown-haired, brown-eyed, soft spoken man) three months after her graduation from Hogwarts. She is a scholar of medicinal charms for mythical creatures, conducting her research from home where she is raising their 8 children. Travis is a Muggle social studies schoolteacher.
    Maria Mabel Black Hall (15) has her mother and grandfather’s wavy blond hair with her father’s brown eyes. She followed her mother’s footsteps and is currently in the Hufflepuff house at Hogwarts and is particularly good at potions. She owns a twelve inch wand made of oak and threstral tail hair. Her Patronus is a swan.
    Vida Venice Black Hall (13) has her grandfather Hall’s chestnut hair and black eyes. Like her grandmother Black, she is in the Gryffindor House at Hogwarts and has her father’s interest in teaching history. She has a twelve inch rosewood wand with a unicorn tail hair core. Her Patronus is a bunny rabbit, like her grandfather Black.
    Lana Leonie Black Hall (11) has blond, wavy hair and brown eyes. She does not have magical powers, but is extraordinarily bright and attends a private Muggle school for the gifted. She wants to become a doctor, which greatly pleases her parents. She stays in touch with her siblings both at Hogwarts and at home by writing letters almost daily.
    Jackson Jotham Black Hall (9) has his maternal grandmother’s black hair and his paternal grandmother’s green eyes. His middle name is his paternal grandfather’s. Jackson loves to spend his free time with his Uncle George in the joke shop and, not unlike Uncle George, has a knack for mischief and accidentally setting things on fire when he’s upset.
    Dinah Danielle Black Hall (9), the identical twin sister of Jackson, carries grandma’s Hall name as her middle. She also has black hair and green eyes and is often found laughing hysterically with her Uncle Leopold. She’s known to shoot green sparks from her fingertips when she gets excited.
    Wilder William Black Hall (6) has Grandma Hall’s curly brown hair and his father’s brown eyes. Wilder has lived up to his name: he has a wildly unpredictable habit of climbing anything he can find. He has not shown much magical capability yet except for his merciful ability to avoid serious harm when he falls.
    Selah Sabrina Black Hall (4) has brown hair and deep blue eyes. She loves to help her mother carry books and could watch her mom cast charms all day.
    Emma Enid Black Hall (14 month old) looks very much like her oldest sister Maria with her blond hair and brown eyes. She is bursting at the seams with magical talent: she can levitate at will.

    Dahlia Alice Black (32) married Stephen Bones, the younger brother of Susan Bones, two years ago. It is rumored that Dahlia wed Stephen to climb further up the ranks in the ministry as his aunt in on the Wizengamot. They are, despite what others say, quite happy together. Stephen works in the Department of Magical Transportation while Dahlia is advancing quickly through the ranks of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Just last year, Dahlia gave birth to a set of triplets, who are cared for daily by Grandma Black. They all have black hair and deep blue eyes, like their mother. The two girls have Stephen’s calm personality while Solomon is much more like his dominating mother.
    Elodie Agnes Bones Black (1)
    Maeva Olive Bones Black (1)
    Solomon Vincent Bones Black (1)

    Seneca Abner Black (30) continued to surprise the family by marrying Dean Thomas. They both work for the Department of Magical Games and Sports; in fact, Seneca is putting his intellect to the test by preparing the majority of the next Quidditch Cup Final. They have adopted two children and plan to add to their family soon.
    Atticus Dean Black Thomas (3), red hair and blue eyes.
    Rufus Abner Black Thomas (5), chestnut hair and brown eyes.

    Leopold Fergus Black (23) is currently single and traveling the world! He sends gifts to his 5 nephews and 9 nieces monthly and loves watching them when he is home in Scotland.

    Oldest to youngest: Maria, Vida, Lana, Henrietta, Jackson, Dinah, Wilder, Rufus, Selah, Atticus, Emma, Elodie, Maeva, and Solomon.

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