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    Jedidiah is a little bit younger than the others, but at 27, he has achieved a great deal. As I had guessed, he became Mr Ollivander's assistant to everyone's astonishment! He loves his job, which is a real passion for him! His second passion is his wife, and then his mother (but we are practically the same). His wife and I share the same uncommon first name: Magenta. Her full name is Magenta Jasmine, a little sexier than Eugenia I must admit. We both went to Slytherin and we work in the same Department (Department for Regulations and Control of Magical Creatures) except that she works in the Spirit Division whereas I work with goblins. Jedi met Maggie through me and as soon as he knew they shared the same wand wood, he decided to marry her: a cute and very small cherry and phoenix-feathered wand whereas his is a little longer and made with the rare Veela hair. They make a perfect pair! They also share... the same Patronus, although Jedi inherited from his father's Pig and thought he would never in the whole world meet anyone with the same Patronus!

    Although they're just 27 and very successful, they already have 5 children. Elsie Marigold and Augusta Anneliese are the most beautiful twins you've ever seen. Elsie looks exactly like her father: black-haired and hazel-eyed; and Gussie is blonde-haired like us and inherited from her mother's beautiful green eyes.

    3 years later, they had twins again, this time a boy and a girl, both brown-haired like their mom (but we're used to them in the family): Justus Asahel has his mother's brown hair and his father's hazel eyes (a great mix) and Artemis Flame has blue eyes from God knows where too!

    Their baby boy, Alexander Milo, had a better mix than Justus: he has his father's wonderful black hair and his mother's green eyes, just like the very famous Harry Potter! I hope he'll be just as successful!

    DH: Jedidiah Atticus Spinner (27)
    DW: Magenta Jasmine Spinner-Quigley (27)
    DD/DD: Elsie Marigold Spinner & Augusta Anneliese Spinner (6)
    DS/DD: Justus Asahel Spinner & Artemis Flame Spinner (3)
    DS: Alexander Milo Spinner (1)

    Jedi & Maggie with Elsie, Gussie, Justus, Artie & Alex


    Utah, my baby boy twin, and our only red-haired child, found a red-haired girl too! A sharp pure-blood girl from Hufflepuff who's a very efficient Auror, according to my husband, at only 22. Her name is Luella Nova and we met her just a few weeks before their unplanned wedding: she was expecting their first twins and was ready to explode! They got married in a hurry and got the kids afterwards! My Utah didn't follow into my steps as I thought he would: he works at the Ministry though, my bold baby, at the Official Gobstones Club. He went to Gryffindor (the only one of our kids), just as I thought he would! He grew up with his nephews Jem & Max, being exactly the same age as them but far from their silly fights... He's become exactly the kind of man I was hoping he'd become. His Patronus is the Tiger, so you'd better beware! Luella's is the Centaur, I love it!

    We were expecting cute little red-haired twins at first, but they came out being blonde, just as if they were ours! Stanislav Marius got his mother's beautiful blue eyes and Venus Abiah got her's father's brown eyes. I can see so much of my Abra in her. When they told us they were expecting other twins, we had our hopes up: but no! Those ones were just as blonde as the first ones! Our genes are pretty strong in the end: but those ones' eyes are not really understandable! Romulus Breccan's eyes are hazel and Lydia Elinor's are green. They're all beautiful babies!

    DH: Utah Lewis Spinner (22)
    DW: Luella Nova Spinner-Sawyer (22)
    DS/DD: Stanislav Marius Spinner & Venus Abiah Spinner (2)
    DS/DD: Romulus Breccan Spinner & Lydia Elinor Spinner (1)

    Utah & Lou with Stan, Vi, Romy and Lydie
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    Abra, Utah's twin sister, looks a lot like me with her blonde hair and brown eyes, but we are so unlike each other! She went to Hufflepuff with her nephew Max (they're very close from each other, she's even closer to Max than she is to Utah). Thus being naturally a favourite of her sister Mamie (she's a lot like her), with hers and Phin's influence combined, Abra got a job as manager of Gambol & Japes Wizarding Joke Shop on Diagon Alley. That way, she's not too far from her sister and Max visits a lot. Abra's married to Ewan Fernando Dillonsby, a very serious man, Muggle-born, who went to Slytherin (Rupert and he were not great friends I must say even though they were from the same house) and is now an Unspeakable. They share the same hair in their wands (unicorn tail) like my husband and I did, but Abra's wood is rosewood whereas Ewan's is strong pine like mine. Abra's Patronus is an Eagle (a little bit like her brother Jedi's Eagle) and Ewan's is mimbletonia. He's an Unspeakable of course.

    They have a very cute little boy, red-haired, like his uncle Utah (Utah could not believe it!) and with his parents' brown eyes. His name is Luca Fox. They're expecting twins at the moment (a boy and a girl).

    DH: Ewan Fernando Dillonsby (22)
    DW: Abra Dharma Dillonsby-Spinner (22)
    DS: Luca Fox Dillosby (1)

    Ewan & Abra with Luke


    And finally with my dear Divinity. As I have told you, I thought she would go to Slytherin and become an Auror like her father. But she never did. Divinity Spinner is a very renowned name in Ireland, as she professionally plays as beater for the Cork Quidditch Team. People sometimes think that her nephew Rupert is her husband because they share the same name but their common grey eyes is no mistake: they are family! Div used to play for Ravenclaw as Beater in Hogwarts while Roo was a Seeker for Slytherin and his twin sister Tacita was playing Beater for Hufflepuff. Their competition pushed them forward and made them who they are! Strong individual beings I'm very proud of!

    She's currently dating an Irish boy: Samson Gary was playing Chaser for Hufflepuff alongside Tacita. He's one year older than Div, and is a very famous writer of textbooks about Quidditch. They used to hate each other in highschool but when he later came back to Ireland to interview her, they fell in love. They now live over there, and don't come back very often, unfortunately...

    Sam is as blonde as Div's hair is black and he's got brown eyes like me whereas Div's are grey like her father. Div's wand is a solid one: made of oak and dragons heartstring; Sam's wand is nicer, holly and unicorn tail hair. Sam is a Muggle-born and got instantly interested in Quidditch as soon as he entered Hogwarts. Surprisingly, his Patronus is a Mimbletonia just like Ewan's although they're nothing like each other. Div inherited from her father's pig, unlucky her!

    DBoyfriend: Samson Gary O'Hare (21)
    DGirlfriend: Divinity Alice Spinner (20)

    Sam & Div

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    Barnaby Atticus Langston, 46 & Morrigan Erin Langston, 44
    1. Jinx Arcadia Langston-floor length,thick, wavy blonde hair. Warm chocolatey-brown eyes. Owns Sweet Eire bakery and ice cream shop in Hogsmeade
    Age: 24
    House: Gryffindor
    Wand: 10.5" Elm. Veela hair.
    Patronus: Cheetah
    2. Caleb Elijah Langston-white-blonde, short, wavy hair. Friendly amber-brown eyes. Works at St. Mungo's as a healer.
    Age: 22
    House: Gryffindor
    Wand: 12" Fir. Veela hair.
    Patronus: Lion
    3. Briony Ines Langston-minty-green eyes. Waist-length, straight, jet-black hair. Professor of Potions
    Age: 20
    House: Gryffindor
    Wand: 10.5" Cherry. Unicorn tail hair.
    Patronus: black panther
    4. Archer Ellis Langston-longish, wavy, thick brown hair. Shy jade-green eyes. Owns the B
    Age: 18
    House: Slytherin
    Wand: 12" Elm. Dragon heartstring
    Patronus: snow leopard

    Amias Breccan Langston, 40 & Alasdair Sinclair, 42
    1. Constance Alhambra Sinclair-straight, bobbed blonde hair. Smiling hazel eyes. Seeker for Irish National Team.
    Age: 22
    House: Hufflepuff
    Wand: 9" Fir. Phoenix feather.
    Patronus: Lioness
    2. Aravis Dorothea Langston-Sinclair-curly, waist-length black hair. Azure-blue eyes. Professor of Charms
    Age: 20
    House: Hufflepuff
    Wand: 10.5" Cherry. Unicorn tail hair.
    Patronus: white tiger
    3. James Brenner Langston-Sinclair-curly, medium length strawberry-blonde hair. Curious gray-green eyes. Works at St. Mungo's as a healer.
    Age: 18
    House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: 9" Elm. Thestral tail hair.
    Patronus: cougar
    4. Adelaide Eudora Langston-Sinclair-wavy, floor-length, fawn-brown hair. Serious violet-blue eyes.
    Age: 16
    House: Slytherin
    Wand: 10.5" Elm. Veela hair.
    Patronus: puma

    Delilah Amoret Langston, 37 & Anne Frances Radford, 38
    1. Anna Caroline Langston-medium-length, curly auburn hair. Warm chocolatey-brown eyes.
    Age: 17
    House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: 12" Elm. Unicorn tail hair.
    Patronus: cat
    2. Byron Calloway Langston-shaggy, white-blonde hair. Laughing ice-blue eyes.
    Age: 15
    House: Hufflepuff
    Wand: 9" Cherry. Thestral tail hair.
    Patronus: golden retriever
    3. Bliss Ever Radford-curly, long dark blonde hair. Smiling sky-blue eyes.
    Age: 13
    House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: 12" Oak. Thestral tail hair.
    Patronus: rabbit
    4. Beatrice Clara Radford-curly, waist-length, chocolate-brown hair. Laughing hazel eyes.
    Age: 11
    House: Hufflepuff
    Wand: 10.5" Holly. Thestral tail hair.
    Patronus: chocolate lab

    Claudius Adrian Langston, 32 & Emily Alice Langston, 33
    1/2. Elinor Alice Langston/Edward Auden Langston-medium-length, curly, auburn hair. Emerald green eyes.
    Age/s: 13
    Houses: Slytherin/Ravenclaw
    Wands: 9" Rosewood. Thestral tail hair./12" Rosewood. Dragon heartstring.
    Patronuses: peregrine falcon/golden eagle
    3. Ella Angel Langston-straight, short, strawberry-blonde hair. Amber-brown eyes.
    Age: 11
    House: Slytherin
    Wand: 9" Walnut. Phoenix feather.
    Patronus: bald eagle
    4. Crispin Alexander Langston-long, thick, wavy brown hair. Amber-brown eyes. 9
    5. Chandler Abbot Langston-medium-length, wispy, blonde hair. Emerald green eyes. 7

    Acacia Beatrice Langston, 30
    1. Baird Falkner Langston-thick, wavy, short, chocolate brown hair. Chocolatey-brown eyes. 10
    2. Abraham Carver Langston-medium length, curly, auburn hair. Grass-green eyes. 8
    3. Freya Evelyn Langston-medium-length, curly, auburn hair. Blue-green eyes. 6
    4. Alastair Barnabas Langston-shaggy, dusty brown hair. Warm chocolatey-brown eyes. 4
    Feminine: Aisha, Annabel, Bathsheba, Coralie, Imogen, Keira, Laleh, Lenore, Mirela, Paloma, Rosalind, Zillah
    Masculine: Alaric, Ambrose, Elijah, Gareth, Jamal, Jonathan, Jarvis, Leander, Magnus, Meredith, Robert, Vladimir, Walter
    Ambiguous: Aden, Arran, Booker, Branwen, Campion, Ferris, Langston, Russell, Thayer
    Favorite Combos: Aisha Laleh, Keira Imogen, Paloma Coralie, Jonathan Elijah, Meredith Walter, Robert Magnus, Langston Russell, Arran Thayer, Aden Booker

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    Location: London
    Surname: Bennett

    Male - Felix Hector Bennett
    Dark Dirty Blonde Hair, Dark Grey Eyes
    Half Wizard, Half Muggle
    Career: Lawyer
    Wand: Twelve Inches, Oak Wood, and Phoenix Feather
    Patronus: Female Lion

    Female - Valentina Faith Bennett
    Loose Auburn Hair, Caramel Brown Eyes
    Career: Shop in Hogsmeade (Rent a Potions Lap and Potions Shop)
    Wand: Ten Inches, Cherry Wood, and Dragon Heartstring
    Patronus: Koala

    CHILDREN - TWO CHILDREN (Cyrus and Emma)

    Son - Cyrus Jude Bennett
    Dark Dirty Blonde Hair, Deep Bright Blue Eyes
    Wand: Nine and a half inches, Fir Wood, and Phoenix Feather
    Patronus: Flying Horse
    Career: Magical Law Enforcement

    Wife - Clea Elizabeth Brand
    Brown Hair, Mossy Green Eyes
    Wand: Ten and a half inches, Fir Wood, and Phoenix Feather
    Patronus: Rabbit
    Career: Stay at home mother

    CHILDREN - SIX CHILDREN (Hart, Faith, Mabel, Abraham, Mercy and Hazel)
    Male - Hart Brenner Bennett
    Dark Dirty Blonde Hair, Dark Grey Eyes
    Wand: Twelve inches, Cherry Wood, and Unicorn Tail Hair
    Patronus: Chickadee
    Career: Unspeakable

    Female - Faith Joanna Bennett
    Black Hair, Mossy Green Eyes
    Wand: Ten and a half inches, Holly Wood and Unicorn tail hair
    Patronus: Flying Horse
    Career: Mediwitch

    Female - Mabel Delilah Bennett
    Loose Auburn Hair, Hazel Eyes
    Wand: 8 and three quarters inches, Cherry Wood, and Phoenix Feather
    Patronus: Female Lion
    Career: Daycare and Playroom Center in Hogsmeade

    Male - Abraham Harvey Bennett
    Brown Hair, Dark Grey Eyes
    Wand: Nine Inches, Pine Wood and Unicorn Tail Hair
    Patronus: Baltimore Orioles
    Career: Big Hotel in Hogsmeade

    Surprise Female Twin - Mercy Agnes Bennett
    Loose Brown Hair, Mossy Green Eyes
    Wand: 8 and three quarter inches, Maple Wood, and Unicorn Tail Hair
    Patronus: Tabby Cat
    Career: Magical Law Enforcement

    Surprise Female Twin - Hazel Elodie Bennett
    Loose Auburn Hair, Mossy Green Eyes
    Wand: Ten and a half inches, Maple Wood, and Dragon Heartstring
    Patronus: Rabbit
    Career: Wandmaker Assistant to Garth Ollivander (son of Garrick Ollivander)

    Daughter - Emma Flora Bennett
    Loose Auburn Hair, Dark Grey Eyes
    Wand: Nine and a half inches, Willow Wood, and Phoenix Feather
    Patronus: Koala
    Career: Works as a Journalist for Political Monthly

    Wife - Avis Celia Lynch (goes by Ava)
    Long Light Blonde Hair, Light Grey Eyes
    Wand: Eleven Inches, Oak Wood and Threstral Tail Hair
    Patronus: Panther
    Career: Healer

    CHILDREN - THREE CHILDREN (Matthew, Percival, and Anna)
    Male - Matthew Elijah Bennett-Lynch
    Loose Auburn Hair, Hazel Eyes
    Wand: Nine and a half Inches, Elm Wood and Dragon Heartstring
    Patronus: Dolphin
    Career: Healer

    Male - Percival Alden Bennett-Lynch
    Loose Auburn Hair, Dark Grey Eyes
    Wand: Nine and a half inches, Walnut Wood and Phoenix Feather
    Patronus: Horse
    Career: Library/Bookstore/Cafe hybrid in Diagon Alley

    Female - Anna Prudence Bennett-Lynch
    Light Red Hair, Brown Eyes
    Wand: 8 and three quarters inches, Willow Wood and Threstral Tail Hair
    Patronus: Koala
    Career: Magizoologist

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    Isolde Prudence (39)
    -DS: Magnus Horatio (19) red hair, grey eyes, Ravenclaw, wand: Eight and three-quarter inches, Fir, Veela hair, patronus: snowy owl, Wandmaker assistant
    -DD: Pandora Serenity (15) red hair, blue eyes, Ravenclaw, wand: Nine inches, Maple, Threstral tail hair, patronus: swan

    Minerva Agnes (39)
    -DS: Silas Gabriel (18) blonde hair, brown eyes, Ravenclaw, wand: Nine inches, Willow, Veela hair, patronus: Siamese cat, reporter for the Daily Prophet
    -DD: Penelope Luna (16) blonde hair, green eyes, Gryffindor, wand: Nine and a half inches, Pine, Threstral tail hair, patronus: eagle
    -DD: Henrietta Leonie (16) auburn hair, green eyes, Gryffindor, wand: Nine and a half inches, Pine, Veela hair, patronus: horse
    -DS: Alistair Oscar (13) blonde hair, blue eyes, Gryffindor, wand: Nine inches, Walnut, Dragon Heartstring, patronus: Great Dane
    -DD: Clemence Tabitha (10) red hair & green eyes

    Gideon Rufus (36)
    -DS: Archer Demetrius (14) black hair, grey eyes, Ravenclaw, wand: Nine and a half inches, Pine, Veela hair, patronus: Koala
    -DS: Cosmo Thaddeus (11) red hair, green eyes, Ravenclaw, wand: Eight and three-quarter inches, Walnut, Unicorn tail hair, patronus: Unicorn

    Leopold Caspar (35)
    -DD: Beatrice Clarissa (15) blonde hair, hazel eyes, Ravenclaw, wand: Nine and a half inches, Oak, Unicorn tail hair, patronus: Otter
    -DD: Genevieve Elinor (11) blonde hair, blue eyes, Gryffindor, wand: Nine inches, Fir, Phoenix feather, patronus: Womabt
    -DS: Archibald Lionel (9) blonde hair & green eyes
    -DD: Cressida Eowyn (7) auburn hair & hazel eyes

    Augustus Felix (33)
    -DD: Scarlett Desdemona (11) auburn hair, green eyes, Slytherin, wand: Eight and three-quarter inches, Willow, Threstral tail hair, patronus: Threstral)
    -DS: Jasper Zane (8) black hair & blue eyes

    Delphine Beatrix (32)
    -DD: Ruby Serafina (10) auburn hair & hazel eyes
    -DS: Linus Tobias (7) blonde hair & brown eyes
    -DD: Cleo Lucinda (6) auburn hair & green eyes
    -DS: Darius Casimir (4) blonde hair & hazel eyes
    -DD: Dinah Calliope (4) blonde hair & hazel eyes

    Severus Jasper (32)
    -DS: Rupert Oberon (6) red hair & blue eyes

    Andromeda Drusilla (30)
    -DS: Barnaby Chandler (7) red hair & green eyes
    -DD: Amaryllis Jane (3) brown hair & hazel eyes
    -DD: Halcyon Anna (3) red hair & green eyes
    -DD: Dolores Elsa (3) brown hair & grey eyes
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