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    Gideon and Lavender Greengrass have seven children:

    DS - Dorian Aeneas Greengrass, age 13, black hair, green eyes - Ravenclaw
    DS - Decimus Victor Greengrass, age 13, brown hair, brown eyes - Ravenclaw
    DD - Camellia Ottoline Greengrass, age 11, brown hair, hazel eyes - Slytherin
    DD - Cordelia Arcadia Greengrass, age 11, brown hair, hazel eyes - Slytherin
    DS - Oberon Octavius Greengrass, age 8, brown hair, gray eyes
    DS - Romulus Redmond Greengrass, age 8, brown hair, gray eyes
    DD - Cressida Zenobia Greengrass, age 5, brown hair, brown eyes

    Dorian & Decimus are fraternal twins. Camellia & Cordelia are identical twins, as are Oberon & Romulus.

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    Parents: Magnus and Elsa Knightley

    DD: Naomi Isobel
    She is eleven years old. She has blonde hair and green eyes. She is in Gryfinndor. Her wand is twelve inches long and made from walnut. Its core is from unicorn tail hair. Her patronus is a horse.

    DD: Mercy Evangeline
    She is eight years old. She has black hair and blue eyes.

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    Location: Scotland

    LN: Fisher

    DH:Arthur Orion (staight black hair and grey eyes; muggle-born; Ravenclaw; He's the head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation; Wand: ten inches,Holly,Phoenix feather; Patronus: Koala "North" )

    DW: Celeste Galatea (wavy brown hair and green eyes; pure-blood; Gryffindor; Potions Master at Hogwarts; Wand: nine and half inches,Elm,threstral tail hair; Patronus: owl "Thea" )

    DS: Finnian Edward "Finn" (16; straight brown hair and grey eyes; Gryfinndor; Wand: ten and half inches, Elm, unicorn tail hair; Falcon "Sky")

    DD: Harmony Bluebell (14; curly brown hair and green eyes; Gryffindor; Wand: nine inches, Oak, dragon heartstring; Koala "Amethyst")

    DD: Aria Calliope (13; wavy black hair and green eyes; Ravenclaw; Wand: ten and half inches, Cherry, threstral tail hair; phoenix "Greer")

    DS: Tristan Leopold (11; straight brown hair and grey eyes; Gryffindor; Wand: nine inches, Fir, veela hair; Owl "Casper")

    DD: Poppy Beatrice (11; straight blonde hair and brown eyes; Ravenclaw; Wand: twelve inches, Rosewood, phoenix feather; Cat "Salem")

    DS: Rex Bartholomew (7; curly brown hair and green eyes)

    DS: Maximus Stone "Max" (3; straight brown hair and brown eyes)
    Pruod sister to:

    Annika, Europe, Dawn and Blue

    Favourite names:

    Shiloh, Savannah, Summer, Sarah, Juliette, Erin and Tayla

    Wyatt, Noah, Jesse, Tristan, Brody, Nicholas and Carter

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    PART 2: Children

    7 Children!

    1: Jasper Oswald, 18
    -Dark Auburn hair like his father and eyes the same bright pale blue as his mother, Jasper takes after them both. Every summer he would come home from school just that little bit taller until he was brushing shoulders with his dad.
    -House: Gryffindor
    -Wand: Twelve inches, fir, thestral tail hair,
    -Patronus: Chimera.
    -After Hogwarts: Works at the Ministry as part of the Floo Network Authority in the Department of Magical Transportation.

    2: Hestia Rose, 16
    -Hestia takes after her mother with her black hair but its her father's brown eyes that she inherited, along with the short gene of her maternal-grandmother.
    -House: Hufflepuff
    -Wand: Nine inches, fir, dragon heartstring
    -Patronus: Falcon

    3: Eliza Genesis, 13
    -Blonde like her paternal grandmother, and blue eyes like her mother.
    -House: Slytherin
    -Wand: Ten-and-a-half inches, oak, veela hair.
    -Patronus: Persian Cat

    4: Cyrus Thomas, 11
    -Red hair, brown eyes, just lighter than his Dad's.
    -House: Hufflepuff
    -Wand: Eight-and-three quarters, walnut, thestral tail hair
    -Patronus: Jaguar

    5: Willa Beatrix, 8
    -Curly auburn hair and dark brown eyes, just like her father.

    6: Dahlia Vesta, 6
    -Black hair, and light blue eyes like her mother.

    7: Angus Theon, 2
    -Jet black hair like his mother, and dark brown eyes like his father.

    Appearance: Roll the die for hair and eye colour.

    Hair colour:
    1. Same as father
    2. Same as mother
    3. Blonde
    4. Same as mother
    5. Brown
    6. Same as father
    7. Red
    8. Same as mother
    9. Same as father
    10. Black

    Eye colour:
    1. Same as mother
    2. Same as father
    3. Hazel
    4. Same as mother
    5. Brown
    6. Green
    7. Same as mother
    8. Same as father
    9. Blue
    10. Same as father

    For children eleven years and older, complete the following;

    Hogwarts house: Roll to determine which house they are/were in.

    1. Same as mother
    2. Ravenclaw
    3. Slytherin
    4. Gryfinndor
    5. Hufflepuff
    6. Ravenclaw
    7. Slytherin
    8. Gryfinndor
    9. Hufflepuff
    10. Same as father

    Wand: Roll to determine the type of wand they use.

    1-2. Twelve inches
    3-4. Ten and a half inches
    5-6. Nine inches
    7-8. Eight and three-quarter inches
    9-10. Nine and a half inches

    1. Cherry
    2. Elm
    3. Fir
    4. Holly
    5. Walnut
    6. Oak
    7. Pine
    8. Rosewood
    9. Maple
    10. Willow

    1-2. Dragon heartstring
    3-4. Unicorn tail hair
    5-6. Veela hair
    7-8. Threstral tail hair
    9-10. Phoenix feather


    1. Common pet - dog, cat, bird, rabbit, etc.
    2. Farm animal - pig, cow, horse, etc.
    3. Australian animal - kangaroo, koala, bilby, platypus, wombat, Tasmanian devil, etc.
    4. Type of big cat - cheetah, lion, tiger, jaguar, panther, etc.
    5. Same as father
    6. Bird of some kind - swan, eagle, falcon, vulture, etc.
    7. Underwater creature - dolphin, shark, jellyfish, etc.
    8. Same as mother
    9. Mythical creature - unicorn, phoenix, centaur, etc.
    10. Use the generator

    For children eighteen years and older (who are no longer at Hogwarts), complete the following;


    1. Works at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries (e.g. as a healer)
    2. Works at a magical business in Diagon Alley - choose an existing business or make one up.
    3. Works at a magical business in Hogsmeade - choose an existing business or make one up.
    4. Professional Quidditch player - choose an existing team or make one up; also choose your position (chaser, seeker, beater, or keeper).
    5. Works for a wizarding publication such as The Daily Prophet - choose a position (e.g. advice columinst, reporter, editor, etc).
    6. Your choice
    7. An Auror or Unspeakable (perhaps in training if they are only young!)
    8. Works in the Ministry of Magic - choose a department and a specific job (you'll have to scroll down about halfway to reach the department section).
    9. Wandmaker assistant
    10. Following in their mother or father's footsteps.
    Jessica. 24. Just a curious Britberry.

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    LN: Morgan
    DH: Gideon Ford – pureblooded Hufflepuff; healer; wand: 11 inches, pine, unicorn hair; patronus: koala
    DW: Astoria Star – muggle-born Ravenclaw; Daily Prophet editor; wand: 10 inches, cherry, thestral tail hair; patronus: sparrow

    DS: Jasper Donnelly Morgan (17) – Hufflepuff; wand: 10 ½ inches, willow, veela hair; patronus: sparrow
    DD: Isis Natalya Morgan (15) – Hufflepuff; wand: 9 ½ inches, walnut, dragon heartstring; patronus: horse
    DD: Ardis Emilia Morgan (15) – Slytherin; wand: 9 ½ inches, pine, unicorn hair; patronus: orca
    DS: Leopold Josiah Morgan (11) – Slytherin; wand: 12 inches, maple, veela hair; patronus: falcon
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    *~~Zachary James, Nicholas Robert, Theodore John, Daniel Joshua, Benjamin Oliver~~*

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