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    The Hornby Children

    The Parents: Tiberius Gray Hornby (age 34) and Celeste Galatea Hornby (age 34)

    The Oldest "The Old Soul": Atticus Felix Hornby. Age 11. Brown hair, gray eyes. Hogwarts First Year. Ravenclaw House. Owl Patronus. Nine inch, Holly, Unicorn hair core wand.

    Atticus is a quiet boy, the polar opposite of his father's boisterous and candid personality. Much like his mother, he's more reserved. His grandmother often calls him an "old soul" because for such a young boy, Atticus is sharp and seemingly wise for his age. He's very observant, and takes a lot of pleasure in life's simple joys. This gives him the appearance of an avid daydreamer. Celeste often tells him he "spends too much time up in the clouds". He particularly loves a good book. He's on the short and lean side. His sister, Artemis, stands a couple inches taller than him. He's self conscious about being small.

    The Middle Child "The Trouble Maker": Artemis Maeve Hornby. Age 9. Red hair, blue eyes.

    Commonly goes by "Ari" or her full name. She's stocky, and tall for her age. Artemis is a boisterous and precocious child. She's often getting into some kind of mischief, and can be wickedly clever, especially when her imagination kicks into overdrive. In this way, she takes after her father. Artemis isn't afraid to get in the thick of the things, and can and will speak her mind. She's also the type of child who'll stand up, indignantly and rashly, to any kind of bully. This is especially true of anybody who tries to poke at her for not being thin. She's protective of her siblings, and can sometimes be a little bossy and a bit of a "mother hen".

    The Baby "The Brain": Agnes Eleanora Hornby. Age 7. Brown hair, blue eyes. Commonly goes by "Aggie".

    Aggie is the smallest child, but also the biggest bookworm. She's inherited her mother's large, sleepy eyes, and is the only Hornby in need of glasses. She's also likely to be the first person to burst out laughing in an awkward situation. Her parents find it amusing that their littlest daughter can spend her reading time poring over a dictionary. Aggie often attempts to use words she sees in her everyday talk. Her father finds this simply hilarious. She's on the shy side, but warms up to others easily. She has a habit of following her siblings around like a lost duckling, and still secretly demands to be tucked in before she can sleep. At the moment, Aggie often tells her parents that when she grows up she'll work at the Ministry, for the Magical Creatures Department. She has a curious obsession with unicorns, and keeps a dogeared copy of Magical Creatures and Where to Find Them under her bed. She reads it every night.
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    PART 2: Children

    Three Children of Lawrence & Celeste Hale
    DS: Jude Brennan (16)
    Brown Hair & Green Eyes
    10 1/2' Maple Threstral
    Patronus: Cat

    DS: Vaughn Jasper (13)
    Brown Hair & Brown Eyes
    9 1/2' Maple Phoenix
    Patronus: Non-corporeal

    DD: Rose Beatrice (11)
    Brown Hair & Green Eyes
    9 1/2' Willow Threstral
    Patronus: too young
    Auntie to Connor Douglas (2012), Parker Isabella (2013), & Hunter Donald (2016)


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    Parents: Augustus Leopold & Olive Beatrix

    Cato Rafferty (20)
    Black hair, Blue eyes, Slytherin
    Wand: 12” Cherry, Dragon heartstring
    Patronus: dragonfly
    Works at wand shop in Hogsmeade

    Vega Serenity (17)
    Brown hair, Brown eyes, Slytherin
    Wand: 9” Willow, Unicorn tail hair
    Patronus: cat

    Lotus Ava (15)
    Brown hair, Brown eyes, Slytherin
    Wand: 8.75” Oak, Phoenix feather
    Patronus: cat

    Ivy Lucia (12)
    Brown hair, Brown eyes, Slytherin
    Wand: 9.5” Elm, Dragon heartstring
    Patronus: koala

    Justus Archer (12)
    Brown hair, Brown eyes, Slytherin
    Wand: 9” Fir, Veela hair
    Patronus: falcon

    Liam Arthur (11)
    Brown hair, Blue eyes, Slytherin
    Wand: 10.5” Rosewood, Dragon heartstring
    Patronus: horse
    Clio, Gemma, Helena, Indigo, Isadora, Isla, Liliana, Petra, Philippa, Willa
    Archer, Ezra, Henry, Justus, Leif, Oscar, Rufus, Sebastian, Theo, Viggo

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    PART 2: Children

    Parents: Thaddeus & Valentina Maddock
    Children: One

    DS: Seamus Leopold Maddock
    Seamus Maddock is a tall, lean man with short black hair and hazel eyes. He attended Hogwarts as a Slytherin. His wand is nine and a half inches and made of fir, like his mother's, but has veela hair in its core. His patronus takes the form of a rabbit. He works at a magical business in Diagon Alley.
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    Part 1 -Parents
    Location: England
    Surname: Bishop

    Gideon Leonardo Bishop [53]
    Blonde hair and gray eyes.
    Muggle born.
    Beater for the Chudley Cannons.
    Wand is ten inches, fir with phoenix feather.
    Patronus is a black panther.

    Octavia Primrose Delphine Bishop [48]
    Black hair and brown eyes.
    One muggle parent and one magical.
    Works at St. Mungo's as a healer.
    Wand is 8 and three quarter inches, pine, with unicorn tail hair.
    Patronus is a red fox.

    Part 2 - Children

    Caius Aurelius Bishop [18]
    Blonde hair, gray eyes.
    Wand is 10 and a half inches, pine, with Veela hair.
    Patronus is a gray wolf.
    In training to become an Auror

    Luca Augustine Bishop [15]
    Blonde hair, gray eyes.
    Wand is 10 and a half inches, elm, with Veela hair.
    Patronus is a large white dog.

    Phoebe Calypso Bishop [12]
    Black hair and gray eyes.
    Wand is 9 inches, holly, dragon heartstring.
    Patronus is a wild black mare.

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