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    Location: Wales
    Last name: Stretton

    -Seamus Abel Stretton (39)
    ---straight brown hair
    ---blue eyes
    ---works in the Ministry of Magic - Department of International Magical Cooperation
    ---twelve inches, elm, phoenix feather
    ---Patronus: golden fish - Zariah

    -Honoria Sarah Stretton (38)
    ---straight red hair
    ---blue eyes
    ---Works for a wizarding publication such as The Daily Prophet - correspondent
    ---eight and three-quarter inches, maple, veela hair
    ---Patronus: falcon - Jude

    3 children - 3 girls

    -Angel Ariel Stretton (15) nn Angie
    ---straight red hair
    ---blue eyes
    ---nine and a half inches, holly, unicorn tail hair
    ---Patronus: Cat - Baldwin

    -Cordelia Charity Stretton (12) nn Cora
    ---curly blonde hair
    ---blue eyes
    ---nine and a half inches, willow, unicorn tail hair
    ---Patronus: falcon - Micah

    -Hestia lux Stretton (5)
    ---straight black hair
    ---blue eyes

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