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    Feb 2014
    Part 1: Parents

    Location: France

    Surname: Manning

    DH: Solomon Xavier Manning
    - Curly, auburn-colored hair that almost reaches his shoulders. Big, light blue eyes that are very clear. Pure-blooded wizard. Gryffindor. Auror. Wand: eleven inches, pine wood with a veela hair core. Patronus = jaguar.

    DW: Calliope Augusta Manning
    - Wavy, blonde hair that reaches her waist. Beautiful gray eyes. Muggle-born witch. Ravenclaw. Auror. Wand: ten inches, cherry wood with a unicorn tail hair core. Patronus: falcon.
    Mama to Laura Emilia ♥

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    Location: Scotland
    Surname: Bennett

    George Oliver
    →blond hair
    →blue eyes
    →Hogwarts transfiguration professor
    →twelve inch wand
    Holly wand
    →unicorn tail core
    →lion patronus

    Beatrix Poppy
    →brown hair
    →blue eyes
    →transfiguration textbook writer
    →ten inch wand
    Oak wand
    →Veela hair core
    →phoenix patronus

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    The Maddock family from Ireland

    DH: Hunter Antonio Maddock
    Black hair, brown eyes
    Healer at St. Mungo's
    8 3/4 inch fir wand with dragon heartstring core
    Eagle patronus

    DW: Emmeline Calypso Maddock
    Brown hair, blue eyes
    Author of magical YA novels
    9 1/2 inch maple wand with thestral tail hair core
    Persian cat patronus
    "It must have been astonishing, to be given the key
    to the kingdom and see it turn in our hands so easily."

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    Aug 2013
    Location: England

    Surname: Inglebee

    DH: Frederick Conor; straight black hair & brown eyes; one muggle parent & one magical parent; gryfinndor; Professional Quidditch player - seeker for the Montrose Magpies; twelve inch, holly wood, phoenix hair; falcon patronus

    DW: Daphne True; wavy red hair & blue eyes; pure-blood; ravenclaw; an author of young adult novels; eleven inches, pine wood, dragon heartstring want; warbler patronus
    Marra | 16 | Book Lover & Collector of Names | US

    Dreaming of...

    Dorothy Lux Jane, Sybil Elizabeth Lee, Belinda Florence Rose & Twila Monea Althea

    Samuel Percy James, Phoenix Ronald Wilde, Sebastian Elijah Grey & Amos Gabriel Sawyer

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    Aug 2012
    Location: Ireland

    LN: Morgan

    DH: Ewan Tristan Morgan
    -Curly red hair and green eyes
    -One muggle parent one magical parent
    -Healer at St. Mungo's
    -Wand: Ten-Inches, pine wood, phoenix feather core
    -Patronus: Dolphin

    DW: Maxine Ada Morgan "Max"
    -Straight blonde hair and blue eyes
    -Ten-Inches, walnut wood, veela hair core
    -Patronus: Jellyfish

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