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    Location: England

    LN: Moore

    DH: Solomon Jacob
    {Brown hair and green eyes}
    {Pure blood}
    {Works at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries}
    {Wand: 12 inches; Maple; Veela hair}
    {Patronus: Horse}

    DW: Rowena Havilah
    {Blonde hair and green eyes}
    {Muggle born}
    {Wand:Eight and three-quarter inches; Rosewood; Threstral tail hair}
    {Patronus: Sparrow}

    Solomon & Rowena Moore

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    PART 1: Parents - From Wales

    Surname: Carrow

    Frederick Kenneth - Wavy Auburn hair, Brown eyes
    - pure blood
    - Hufflepuff
    - Hogwarts Professor (Runes and other ancient languages)
    - 8 3/4 inches, Rosewood, Threstral tail hair
    - Patronus - Stingray
    Elsa Lavinia - Straight Auburn hair, Green eyes
    - Muggle born
    - Ravenclaw
    - Healer
    - 12 inches, Oak, Unicorn tail hair
    - Patronus - Jaguar

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    Location: France

    Surname: Hornby

    The Magical Husband: Tiberius Gray Hornby

    Appearance and details: Red hair, gray eyes. 6 foot 3, 350 pounds. A Hufflepuff. Crow Patronus. 12 inch, Elm wood, Dragon heartstring core wand.

    A man with a large laugh, and a larger girth, but an even bigger heart. He has a kind, round face some women find charming in a Santa Claus kind of way, complete with a bristly red beard he's proud of. He was born into a pure blooded, middle class, wizarding family. The family, however, recently came into riches, when an eccentric cousin twice or four times removed, outrageously successful for a zit-be-gone acne tonic, left his entire fortune to Tiberius (on the pretense that Tiberius had been the only nice person to him when he'd been covered in hideous zits and boils, and hightailed it to the Bermuda Triangle to seek mermaids). In his Hogwarts days, Tiberius was sorted into Hufflepuff house. He was liked well enough, and was known by some Professors as a class clown in his early years. He still holds the record for Most Exploded Dung Bombs on School Grounds from second year. Fortunately, he hasn't been matched. He graduated from Hogwarts with exceptional N.E.W.T.s in Charms, but he had a healthy interest in International Magical Cooperation. He went on to work for the Ministry of Magic in England. There, he met his wife in a malfunctioning elevator. Due to his line of work, he and his family is currently stationed in France.

    The Magical Wife: Celeste Galatea Hornby

    Appearance and details: Brown hair, blue eyes. 5 foot 2, 110 pounds. A Ravenclaw. Dolphin Patronus. 12 inches, Rosewood, Veela hair core wand.

    A small, petite woman with a heart shaped face and wide eyes that often give her an owlish, or endearingly sleepy, look. Celeste is Muggle born. Her middle name, probably the most un-Muggle thing about her, was actually the first name of a distant relative on her mother's side, who was a witch. Someone her mother fiercely admired. Her father is a podiatrist (the feet jokes never ended during her muggle school years) and her mother is a quiet florist who owns a family flower shop. Celeste is very booksmart, often spouting off facts when she's nervous and looking for conversation starters. She may seem shy, but she can actually be quite lively, and enjoys a good laugh and an even better sense of humor. Sometimes she may seem to come off as snobbish, but in reality she's rather shy and merely doing her best to be lively and social. She can be a social butterfly if given the chance, once she comes out of her shell. Celeste started her Hogwarts years being sorted into Ravenclaw house. She was often a wallflower ("Celeste who?"), and known by most as "That one girl with the feet" (meaning her large size twelves that clashed with her small body) but graduated with several N.E.W.T.s. and did succeed in making lasting and great friendships. She went on to work for the Ministry of Magic, where she worked as an intern for the Improper Use of Magic department. One morning, her elevator malfunctioned, and she was rescued by a large, too loud, redheaded man. She recognized him as "that one loud, obnoxious boy" from her Potions class. Lo and Behold, he was still very loud, but it didn't take long for Celeste to view him differently after that catastrophic morning in the elevator. Alongside Tiberius, Celeste is easily more lively.
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    Location: Ireland

    Surname: Beaumont

    DH: Seamus Cabot - brown hair, blue eyes, muggle-born, Ravenclaw, works as an Auror
    Wand: is eight and three-quarters, made of elm, and has a core made of unicorn tail hair
    Patronus: eagle

    DW: Carys Fleur - red hair, grey eyes, pure-blood, Gryffindor, teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts
    Wand: is nine and a half inches, made of willow, and has a core made of dragon heartstring
    Patronus: horse
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    PART 1: Parents

    LN: HALE
    Location: France

    DH: Lawrence Douglas (Pureblood)
    Blonde Hair & Green eyes
    Ravenclaw Student
    11' Oak Dragon
    Charms teacher at Hogwarts
    Patronus: Polar Bear

    DW: Celeste Faith (Pureblood)
    Brown Hair & Green eyes
    Ravenclaw Student
    8 3/4' Walnut Veela
    Chaser for Puddlemere United
    Patronus: Cat
    Auntie to Connor Douglas (2012), Parker Isabella (2013), & Hunter Donald (2016)


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