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    DH: Felix Leander Hale is a pureblood wizard of slightly less than average stature with close-cropped black hair and deep, chocolate brown eyes. He was sorted into Hufflepuff at Hogwarts and particularly enjoyed his Care of Magical Creatures classes. He went on to work in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creations in the Beast division. His wand is nine and a half inches of pine with a phoenix feather core. His patronus is a wombat.

    DW: Honoria Comet Hale (nee Selwyn) is a witch from a pureblood family that was previously rather poor but recently acquired a large sum of money. She is rather tall and quite curvy with blue eyes and vibrant red bob. She was a Ravenclaw in school and always bought her textbooks as early as possible so she could pore over them during the summer. Eventually, she went on to write textbooks of her on, specifically those for upper level Transfiguration. Her wand is made of oak, ten inches long, and sports a core of phoenix feather. Her patronus is a koala.

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