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    PART 1: Parents

    Location: France
    DH - Damon Hector Bishop
    DW - Victoire Ariel Bishop

    Damon has brown hair and blue eyes while Victoire has strawberry blonde hair with vibrant blue eyes.

    Parentage: Damon is muggle-born and Victoire is a pure-blood

    House when at Hogwarts: Damon was in Slytherin and Victoire was in Gryffindor

    Occupation: Damon is a Hogwarts professor, teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts. Victoire owns a magical makeup boutique on Diagon Alley.

    Wand: Damon has a 8 3/4 inch oak wand with a core of a phoenix feather and Victoire has a 9 1/2 inch elm wand with veela hair in the core.

    Patronus: Damon's is a white horse and Victoire's is a dolphin

    Click here for part 2.
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    9. You choose - England

    Gideon Cato and Astoria Mary Steele


    Hair colour:
    8. Black

    Eye colour:
    4. Grey

    9. Pure-blood

    House when at Hogwarts:
    9: Slytherin

    7. Hogwarts Professor - Potions master

    Elm and unicorn hair, ten inches.

    6. Bird of some kind - owl


    Hair colour:
    2. Blonde

    Eye colour:
    9. Green

    9. Pureblood

    House when at Hogwarts:
    5. Gryffindor

    6. An auror

    Walnut and dragon heartstring, eleven inches

    4. Type of big cat - tiger
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    Arthur Jeffrey Compton is a pureblood wizard, born and raised on the sands of Florida but moved to Hogsmeade when it came for his Hogwarts education. He has dark black hair and dark brown eyes. His Hogwarts House was Gryffindor, and his wand is 9.5 inches, cherry, supple, with the hair of a veela as the core. His Patronus is a lion: perhaps from years of loyalty to Gryffindor and his own brave heart. He works as a journalist for the Daily Prophet.

    Marguerite Celeste Compton goes by Celeste, if you please. She was born in Liverpool, England, and lived a not-so-normal life. She could turn schoolbooks into piles of flowers, make her father's piano levitate, and once she managed to turn a tree on her school's playground into an enormous lollipop. These things were no longer nonsensical when she received her letter from Hogwarts, telling her she was a witch, and she hurried off to Diagon Alley to get ready for school. Her wand is 12 inches, cherry wood, rather bendy, and has a veela hair in it as its core. Her school house at Hogwarts was Gryffindor, and her Patronus is a Labrador retriever. Currently, though, after Hogwarts, she owns a popular restaurant in Hogsmeade called the Troll's Bagpipes.

    Arthur and Celeste met while they were at Hogwarts, and were close friends all the way through school. They eventually got married when they turned eighteen and currently live together in a blue cottage on the outskirts of Hogsmeade.
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    I need to play this again

    Location: Ireland

    Surname: Northman

    The Husband: Lorcan Gray Northman (poor Irish wizard family)
    - blonde hair, blue eyes
    - pure blood
    - Gryffindor
    - occupation: an Auror
    - wand: eleven inches, willow, veela hair
    - patronus: Swan
    - desciption: Grew up on the outskirts of a little Irish village in a proud but poor wizard family's only son. The family went through many hardship making Lorcan a tough and brave guy. Lorcan had an eye on Ella since childhood but did not know how to approach her and was unsure of what she thinks of him)

    The Wife: Elladora Augusta Northman (maiden name: Knightley, a rich Irish muggle family)
    - brown hair, gray eyes
    - muggle-born
    - Ravenclaw
    - occupation: Works for The Daily Prophet - as reporter and editor
    - wand: Nine and a half inches, willow, veela hair
    - patronus: Eagle (a true Ravenclaw!!)
    - description: Grew up in a wealthy muggle family in the same village who was shocked when they found out about
    their daughter being a witch. From the day on they discovered they despised Ella and were ashamed of her only excepting her home for a short time in summer holidays which made Ella stay the rest of the time with her wizard friends.

    How they met: Although knowing each other for years as they grew up in the same village (but Ella was not allowed to play with the "poor weirdo" Lorcan) they first started really making friends in year 5 when they had a defense against the dark arts lesson together and they both mastered the patronus first and Lorcan's swan and Ella's eagle flew of together and danced in the sky. Shortly afterwards they found out that their wands are closely related. From that day onward they were together.
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    Part 1: Parents

    1. England

    1. Bennett

    First name (male):
    2. Samson

    Middle name (male):
    4. Ajax

    First name (female):
    5. Elsa

    Middle name (female):
    8. Adeline


    Hair colour:
    3. Brown (dark & wavy)

    Eye colour:
    2. Brown

    1. Pureblood

    Hogwarts House:
    5. Gryffindor

    3. Owner of a magical business in Diagon Alley (Bennett & Quill, a bookstore)


    6. Ten inches

    2. Elm

    10. Phoenix feather

    7. Underwater creature (a dolphin)
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