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    Location: London
    Surname: Berkson

    Name: Marvin Jasper
    Appearance: Black Hair, Blue Eyes
    Parentage: Muggle-Born
    House: Ravenclaw
    Job: Writer for The Daily Prophet
    Wand: 13 in., Cherry, Unicorn Tail Hair
    Patronus: Coyote

    Name: Sophia Ariel
    Appearance: Blonde Hair, Copper Eyes
    Parentage: Pure-Blood
    House: Griffindor
    Job: Auror
    Wand: 10 in., Elm, Dragon Heartstring
    Patronus: Bluebird
    Girls*- Violet, Anastasia, Rosalie, Cecilia, Rosalyn, Genevieve, Juliette, Scarlett, Anise, Estelle
    Boys*- Clayton, Sawyer, Leonardo nn Leo, Ansel, Henry, Roland, Montague

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    Feb 2013
    Ohio, USA
    Location: England

    Eric Emiliano Nash (Wavy Shaggy Brown Hair & Green Eyes; Muggle Born, Ravenclaw; Fantasy Novelist; 8 and 3 quarter inch Willow wand with a Phoenix Feather Core; Octopus Patronus)

    Selena Cressida Nash (Long Straight Black Hair & Brown Eyes; Half Muggle, Half Wizard; Gryffindor, Professional Quidditch Player for Gryffindor - Beater; 10 inch Pine Wand with a Threstral Tail Hair Core; Snow Leopard Patronus)

    Current Favorites
    August - Daniel - Erik - Heath - Leo - Ronan
    Eliza - Eve - Johanna - Lana - Matilda - Zanna

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    Mar 2013
    Location: Ireland

    LN: Nash

    DH: Felix Perseus (pure-blood) Gryffindor (Leader of the British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters) (11 inch oak veela hair wand, shark patronus)
    DW: Lavender Calypso (pure-blood) Slytherin Muggle Studies professor at Hogwarts (10 inch oak dragon heartstring wand, horse patronus)
    Mom of Kenton, Harper, and Pierce

    Pictures I post in games are not mine, no copyright infringement intended

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    Sep 2012
    New Hampshire
    LN: Spinner

    DH: Frederick Kenneth; Brown hair, Blue eyes; Muggle-born; Hufflepuff
    Occupation: An Auror
    Wand: 11”, Holly, Dragon Heartstring
    Patronus: Golden Retriever

    DW: Lily Rose; Brown hair; Blue eyes; Pure blood; Ravenclaw
    Occupation: Event planner
    Wand: 11”, Oak, Unicorn tail hair
    Patronus: Cat

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    Jul 2012
    depends on the day and the book...
    Location: Scotland

    Thaddeus Antonio (Thad) Draven - Straight blonde hair, grey eyes. Half muggle, half wizard. Slytherin.
    Works for the Daily Prophet - Editor
    Wand: Eight 3/4", Holly, Dragon heartstring
    Patronus: Lion

    Aurora Faith (Rory) Draven - Wavy auburn hair, blue eyes. One muggle parent, one magical parent. Slytherin.
    Professional Quidditch player - Keeper
    Wand: 10", Maple, Unicorn tail hair
    Patronus: Phoenix
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. Eulalia. Florence. Mae. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Gideon. Tobias. Quincey.

    {crushing on Zephyrine "Zephie" & Leon}

    mommy to feline furbaby Beatrice Evangeline Rose and her babies Claudia & Cordelia =^.^=

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