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    [FONT=Georgia]The Cauldwell family live in Wales.

    DH: Ewan Richard Cauldwell
    Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Pureblood
    House: Ravenclaw
    Professional Quidditch Player for the Caerphilly Catapults
    11”, Maple, Dragon Heartstring
    Patronus is a Shark

    DW: Selena Eve Cauldwell
    Red Hair, Green Eyes, Pureblood
    House: Slytherin
    Advice Columnist for the Daily Prophet
    11”, Holly, Phoenix Feather
    Patronus is a Snow Leopard[/FONT]

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    DH - Solomon Jared Duke. Red hair that he keeps cut short. Vividly pale green eyes. Mum was Muggle, Dad was Wizard.
    While at Hogwarts, was in Slytherin House despite having a Muggle mum. Now, he is an Auror and capturing his old classmates everyday.
    His wand is 8 3/4 inches, rosewood, with phoenix feathers. Patronus is a horse.

    DW - Lily Anastasia Duke. Brown wavy hair that's all the way down her back. Tiffany blue eyes. Muggleborn.
    While at Hogwarts, she was in Hufflepuff. Now she owns a shop on Diagon Alley, filled with Muggle toys for magical children!
    Her wand is 9 1/2 inches, holly, with Veela hair. Patronus is a whale.
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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    Live in England
    LN: Johnson
    DH: Crispin Matthew
    ---Brown Hair
    ---Brown Eyes
    ---Hogwarts Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts
    ---Wand: 10’’ Fir, Threstral Tail Hair
    ---Patronus: Tasmanian Devil
    DW: Lily Adelaide
    ---Brown Hair
    ---Blue Eyes
    ---Wand: 8¾’’ Fir, Veela Hair
    ---Patronus: Antelope

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    Location: England
    Surname: Steele

    DH: Ignatius Russell 'Iggy'
    Appearance - Short black hair, piercing grey eyes
    Parentage - Muggle born
    Hogwarts House - Slytherin
    Occupation - Hogwarts Professor, Defence Against the Dark Arts
    Wand - 12 inches, Elm, Unicorn Tail Hair
    Patronus - Platypus

    DW: Minerva Poppy
    Appearance - Long dark brown hair, bright blue eyes
    Parentage - One muggle parent, one magical parent
    Hogwarts House - Hufflepuff
    Occupation - Author of novels
    Wand - 11 inches, Fir, Veela hair
    Patronus - Manatee
    Annabel, August, Calvin, Christopher, Dante, Eden, Hope, Irene, Isobel, James, Moira, Monroe, Rose, Simon, Sullivan, West

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    Location: England

    Surname: Radford

    DH: Gideon Richard Radford
    -Black hair
    -Brown eyes
    -Muggle born
    -Nine and a half inch cherry wand with a unicorn tail hair core
    -Stag patronus
    -Head of Auror Office

    DW: Penelope Grace Radford (nee Maddock)
    -Brown hair
    -Blue eyes
    -Muggle born
    -Eight and three quarter inch fir wand with a phoenix feather core
    -Cat patronus
    -A Healer at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

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