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    Still stuck and considering other!

    DH and I have been throwing around names for a couple of months now. We want to honor a relative in either the first or middle name (or both if we can agree on it and both love it). We pretty much settled on Georgia Marian (I want a classic name and DH wants more modern/cutesy/boyish) hence nn Georgie. The mn Marian would honor DH's grandmother Miriam as well as my great aunt Marion whom I am very close with.

    We both loved the name until DH started to have second thoughts. He is now throwing out names like Delaney and Jaime. I am totally lost! I do quite like the nn Lainey for Delaney, but I just can't settle on the name itself. I don't see it aging as well as a classic name like Georgia. I have also mentioned the name Adeline. It has similar sounds as Delaney, but it much more my style. The only problem I have is that neither DH or I like the nn Addy at all.

    I recently came upon the name Adelaine, but am unsure if this is even a "real" name. Although this wouldn't be a problem for many people, I would like to give my daughter a name with history and meaning. I do love how I would be able to use the nn Lainey though.

    As you can see...we are all over the place!! We would like to honor at least one of these relatives in either the first or middle name (probably the middle)- Charlotte, Miriam, Dolores, Marion


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    I've just googled it and nothing comes up for Adelaine and to be honest she will have to put up with a lifetime of telling people it's not Adelaide, Adeline, Adele etc.

    If Lainey is the nickname you want I suggest going with Delaney, Melanie, Elena (E-lay-nuh), Alaina, Madelaine, Milena (Mi-lay-nuh), Helena, Linnea (a stretch but could work).
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    I like Adelaine Charlotte
    I don't know if Adelaine is a made up name or not, but it's definitely a variation of all the Adele names... Adelaide, Adeline, etc. If it helps, you're not the first one to think of this name. Here's more info: http://babynamesworld.parentsconnect..._Adelaine.html apparently there are about 40 other people named Adelaine in the world.
    Georgia Marian is a lovely name too. You seem to have good name sense, so whatever you choose will be great.

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    Georgia Marian has a great blend of spunk and vintage flair. I like the sweet Adeline as well. Adelaine is ok but does have a made up look to it. Delaney is a trendy surname so it's not really my style. Have you considered Adelaide nn Lainey?

    Combo Suggestions

    Adelaide Charlotte/Charlotte Adelaide
    Miriam Georgia
    Adeline Charlotte

    Other Options for the nn Lainey

    All the best,

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    I wrote about Adelaine in my old blog - I saw it on a 13th century census record. It's a form of Adelaide.

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