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    Nine months later, you have a beautiful little boy. Your husband is away a lot, traveling around the world for political reasons. You've been stuck at home caring for little Eli. For the first 5 months of your life as princess, you've been sitting at home with your newborn while your husband was gone. Finally, become fed up with being bored and stuffy inside the castle, you take your newborn into the city for a little day trip.

    The Baby -
    HRH Elijah Rupert Romeo

    You go to a few museums and take pictures with tourists when they come up to you. You are walking through a fair when someone asks you to take a picture with them. They are wearing a dark coat and sunglasses. Smiling, you accept politely and go over to stand in front of the camera he is holding. He snaps the picture and leaves. You return to the stroller and find it empty. Going crazy you call his/her name, but he is lost. You call the police and a massive search goes underway. You go home to your castle and cry uncontrollably.

    Your husband soon comes home and cries with you. In the morning, (you didn't sleep at all), you find a ransom note on your bedside table. The captors are asking for one million dollars in return. You are too emotional to try and think of a solution, so your husband goes to talk to his advisers.

    Trick the captors into giving you your baby back and they are put in jail.

    Your husband decides to stay at home more with you, and leaves only once or twice a year. 5 years after all the trauma, you begin to try for another baby. Soon enough, you are pregnant again!

    The Baby:
    HRH Arabella Zara Philippa

    Arabella is born nine months later. You adore him or her all day, because your oldest (if you have one) is already heading off to school. You send him or her to an international private school nearby.

    5 years after your youngest is born, the king and queen Queen Anne Victoria Elizabeth & King Rupert Elijah Joseph retire from the throne. The king had been diagnosed with dementia and they chose to retire peacefully to a mansion near yours, away from publicity. Being the only heir, your husband becomes king and you and your family moves into the royal castle. And after just 4 months living there, you become pregnant again!

    The Castle -

    The Baby:
    HRH Matilda Louise Eleonore

    Little baby Matilda is born and trouble arises. Rebel groups throughout the country start popping up and from the looks of it, a civil war is beginning. Your husband tries to start negotiations with the troublemakers, but nothing is working. For 3 years, you are living in fear of a war, while still trying to care for your children. But then shooting erupts and your family is forced to flee back to America. The American officials are understanding and they send in troops to help your country. Within 2 months, a peace agreement is made, and a new leader is chosen. Saddened by the destruction of your country but still hopeful, you both find well paying jobs as a Pediatrician and a Journalist. You buy a modest home together. And soon enough, you find yourself pregnant.

    The Jobs:
    (roll twice, once for your job, once for your husband's)
    Pediatrician & Journalist

    The House:

    The Baby:
    Willem Raymond John Stewart

    3 months after you bring him home, you've settled in with your 4 children and are living a humble but wonderful life. You hear of an orphanage near you for child refugees from your old country, and suddenly have an idea. You ask your husband what he thinks of it and he agrees. Soon enough you are meeting children at the orphanage.

    The Child: A five year old
    Virginia Rosalie Prudence Stewart

    2 years later, you find yourself pregnant again, with multiples!

    The Babies:

    Grace Emilia Florence Stewart & Hope Katherine Eliza Stewart

    Emily, Bart & children: Eli, Bella, Mati, Liam, Gia, Gracie, Hope.
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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