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    Exclamation We are having a girl!

    We just found out today we are having a girl! We are so thrilled but while we had a list of two boy names (Ezra and Graham), we still have quite a few girls names and would love to get some help on finding a name for our new daughter.

    The girls list is as follows:
    Chloe (a bit worried about the popularity)
    Magnolia (does it sound too hippy?)

    If it helps, our last name starts with a P, is 3 syllables, and ends with ss. Middle names are not at all set but to give you an idea of some we are considering West (mother's maiden name), Veda, Freya, and Posey.

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    I like Caroline best. Congrats on your daughter! We are having a girl as well and I can't wait!
    Holly Louise * Anne Louise nn Annie * Margo/Margot Louise * Alyssa Louise

    Expecting DD#2 May 2015! Name must honor Dana Louise (MIL). Honoring Holly or Mary would be a bonus!

    Names I like that DH nixed: Susannah, Lydia, Elise, Rebecca, Victoria, Linnea, Genevieve, Alice, Emma, Isobel, Marielle, Louisa, Cora, Marie, Elizabeth, Caroline, Hannah, Helena, Maeve, Lauren, Mariam, Evelyn, Laura, Margaret, Grace, Molly, Clara

    Mom to Julia Catherine

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    I think all your names are beautiful, Chloe and Eleanor are my favourites though. I also love Beatrice, but as your surname ends in -ss, it will be repetitive, Beatrix would be better. Magnolia is growing on me, I don't think it's too hippy, it just doesn't feel quite like a name to me yet.

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    Beatrice - very pretty, I like with most of your middle names too
    Caroline - lovely name, understated but classic and elegant, Caroline West is a nice combo
    Chloe - i think its a bit too popular, maybe try Cleo, Zoe, Zoa, Clodagh (Cloh-da), or Clara, or you could try other short greek names à la Pia, Calla, Chara, Charis, Chloris (or Clarissa), Delia, Toula, or Tana.
    Eleanor - like it, classic but pretty, Eleanor Roosevelt connection
    Magnolia - pretty, a bit eccentric but not hippy because it feels regal and stately

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    I like Eleanor and Magnolia best. I don't think Magnolia sounds too hippy, plus she can always go by Maggie too.

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